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Anyone get a call from this # (202) 730-9944

My phone was ringing, raced to catch the call, but missed it. The caller left no message. Did a reverse phone search on whitepages.com and found out it was a Washington DC number. The users name was unpublished.

My curiosity was heightened at this point, as I don’t know anyone in DC. So I Googled the number and found a site addressing the phone number.

The phone turns out to be that of "Campaign for Liberty". Every comment on the Blog was negative from people with similar calls as mine, with no message left to any of them. Some of them called back as I did only to get a recording.

I felt a message on their answering machine, which was simple, "next time you call me, have the courtesy to leave a message”.

Anyone else here on PD have this happen to them? Does anyone know what they want?

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I got one and listened to the recording last week or so.

~ It was mostly about filing out the paperwork sent in the mail that would be submitted on a petition for HR 1207. Also wanted me to donate..


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I get them all the time, here are a few of the dates I got them, never a message.
Not really bitching about it, but I'm not taking calls on my cell phone.

first called my home phone,

first called my home phone, then my cell, then my wifes cell...I finally answered, im usually not too keen about getting a call from D.C...it was a relief to hear, "Campaign for Liberty"

It would have been a collect call

if it were Obama

wow .. i really did get a

wow .. i really did get a call .. i didnt answer it though

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It was a call from the

It was a call from the Campaign For Liberty. An operator first asks if you would like to hear a message from Ron Paul and the head of the CFL. Both recorded messages play, then you are transferred back to an operator who asks if you would like the Liberty Ballot sent to you and if you would make a $200 donation.

I received my Liberty Ballot last week or maybe the week prior, so I told them I would fill it out and mail it in soon. About the donation, $200 is too much for me at the moment but I might send in $25 (better than nothing, I suppose).

Anyhow, that's what it's all about.


yep I got the call

yep I got the call also.

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Freedom is not easy

as I look below and see people bitching about times called etc. This is a 24 hour war. Can't we find positive ways to throw out our negative energy. Let's all quite whining, geez.

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I received this call today.

I received this call today too. I agree that it was too long. I listened to most of it but hung up, because I already recieved the survey. I'd be curious to know how they got my house number. I don't even know it, I only use my cell.

I got this call 2 weeks ago

I got this call 2 weeks ago at like 10am on a SATURDAY(I'm a college student, this was outrageous!)

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I got a call from them and

I got a call from them and talked to a girl.

She played 2 recorded messages to me on the phone. One from Ron Paul and another from some guy whom Ron Paul introduces.. I forget his name.

So they sent me a survey in the mail and with a donation slip.

I did both and sent back.


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That's the C4L calling

I listened to the entire call, and really, if they were going by the list of contributors to Ron Paul's pres campaign, they didn't need to go thru all the talking, they should have just said, "C4L needs your monetary help, press 1 for "of course I'll help" or press 2 for "the Feds already took all my excess cash" ...
But I listened to the entire thing and they are sending questionaires/ballots and are looking for pledges.

I already sent back my ballot~


I got called from this

I got called from this number.

(202) 367-9197
Type: Cell Phone
Location: Westchester, DC

I think I answered but nobody answered back.

It is Ron Pauls Office At Campaign For Liberty

I got the same call and it was a message from Ron Paul & John Tate. They want to send out a poll so they can address which issues you feel are pressing and need to be tackled first.

C4L also wants you to donate money to further the cause. I recommend a donation, as I donated to show my support.

Be well.


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It’s a crank call (I don’t know – just guessing [?])

Perhaps part of a smear campaign. That sounds extremely far fetched, but I’ve seen and experienced far too much dirty, filthy political stuff in my life not to seriously consider that idea.

But as far as calls from gimmicky vendors, I get three to five calls from recordings every single day, usually at the most inopportune times.

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So THAT's who's been

So THAT's who's been calling. I never pick up those calls because it's usually a pro-life call for money. I have given a lot to pro-lifers but stopped when I realized no one would support RPs Sanctity of Life Bill.

However, I hope C4L calls me again because I will talk to them and make a donation. I left them a message that they should identify the call as C4L so we know who they are.

Same thing happened to me.

Same thing happened to me. I've never gotten anyone though, they call and then just hang up.

I got called from them

a few hours ago. I wasn't near my phone and no message was left. i did a search of the number and it said DC. Now I know it's C4L. I'll answer next time.

***We now return you to your regularly scheduled "programming".***

I had missed a couple of

I had missed a couple of calls from this number recently and had been wondering where it was from. I'm always suspicious of such calls when no message is left.

Yeah, I got a call from C4L

They wanted $200 bucks to go fight windmills for Liberty. I'm tired of playing/paying Don Quixote and I hung up. My Liberty comes out of the barrel of my gun from now on. In fact, I was sharping my pitchfork when they called.

Yes, they want to take a survey, and request a donation.

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