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Tom Woods at the Liberty Forum, Part I

Tom is of course the bestselling author of Meltdown, A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse, which is #10 on Amazon's non-fiction bestseller list, and #11 on the New York Times bestseller list.

See Part II here.

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Tom Woods: thinker, scholar, author,

historian, economist, and maybe the best political speaker in the freedom movement; great speech!

part 2

here are both parts.

my copy of meltdown was only 20 bucks and it is signed (plus the 20 dollar entry fee if you want to be really technical). got it when i saw him speak.

Apparently B&N

knows value. They can probably hardly give away Krugman's book.


Great point!!!! I pray that is the case!!!!!

Authors Don't Set the Prices

Woods is not selling a softcover book for $29.95. Two errors in that sentence. He's selling a hardcover book for $27.95. Yes, that's a high list price, but now that it's a bestseller the stores generally discount it. But can you possibly believe he sets the price? He tells a publisher what to charge? Woods has actually complained about the book's price! You are living in a fantasy world if you think an author has the slightest influence on a publisher on a matter like this, and it is disgraceful that you are accusing Woods of some kind of profiteering.

Here's a guy who actually goes to the trouble to get our view on the economic crisis out before the public before anyone else, and you're going to look for things to criticize? What's the matter with you?

you may want to reread my last sentance....

you may also consider all of what your saying in the context of a person standing in the isle of the bookstore.

Also you may want to rethink the "fantasy world" comment and the insulting "disgraceful" line.

As i said Woods may have no control and if that is the case then he should release the book for FREE if his goal is the movement.

you may disagree but please don't insult me...the folks at the bookstore will simply buy Krugman's crap and not debate why "Meltdown" is so much more.

My goal is to get folks to read his book...not insult Woods. As it is, based on his actions (writing a book, and giving up considerable controlled was his choice) and does not serve the purpose of liberty. He may be able to say "i have no control over the price" but that is a cop-out. He could have asked what would be charged prior to signing the deal, and if he thought they would charge too much he could have done something. To claim he has no control is a joke, that i am not buying. If, as he has claimed, his purpose for writing the book was about the cause, then he should have made damn sure he would not be out sold by some quack like Krugman...you and I may think Tom Woods is a great guy but that does little for the undecided person looking at some books on a shelf. They may however, notice the 15 bucks they can save.

last but not least... Tom woods is a big boy and does not need you to defend his actions. You know as little as i about his purposes and to paint me as disgraceful based on what you claim was his intent is silly.

absolutly correct!

"You know as little as i about his purposes"
i couldnt agree more with you. seeing how it is that none of us can peer into his mind, we should give him the benifit of the doubt. his book is priced high, and krugmans low. krugman has outsold him.
we know this. it would be benificial to look into the reasons why, i think we can all agree?
i cant claim to know what the deal with the price is, but i cannot help but believe that krugman would have sold more than woods even at the same price, due to brand name.
krugman is more popular with the press.
woods' book was pushed out quick, which could give the publisher the opportunity at the upper-hand as far as price goes, and perhaps they are not sympathetic?
i dont know.
i do know that he has done alot of good, so i choose to trust him.


And no one with a self-published book gets on Glenn Beck, Fox & Friends, Michael Medved, Dennis Miller, etc. So you could satisfy yourself that you're not "profiteering," but you'd also not be "selling any books," since the strength of the publisher is what gets you in the media and your books in the stores.


You think every publisher in the world could have brought out the book so fast? What if this is the only publisher who is willing to? He should abandon the project?

And don't give me the "he could give this away for free" nonsense. What kind of credibility would that have? Paul Krugman has an actual book in an actual store, and you're going to counter that with, "Hey, download this book and print it out?" Doesn't that sound a little crankish?

There's already plenty of stuff available for free at Mises.org. So go promote that.

And you are the one with the insults, claiming that Woods seeks profit more than spreading the message. You said that, and it is absolutely disgraceful.

And furthermore...

--"You are living in a fantasy world if you think an author has the slightest influence on a publisher on a matter like this, and it is disgraceful that you are accusing Woods of some kind of profiteering."

And furthermore, WTF is wrong with profiteering? It is your decision to buy or not buy a book. Woods or his publisher or whoever can set the price at whatever price they think will gain them the maximum profit. I hope they make a maximum profit so they can use their earnings to put out even more great books.

Register as Republican and Vote for Ron Paul

No problem with profit

I'm all for it. If Mr. Woods said i am writing this book to make money i would have said nothing.

Mr. Woods claimed to have done this so he could beat everyone to the punch and not let "the Market" take the blame.

When his book is on the shelf next to Krugman's and his is more then double the price, is he accomplishing he stated goal?

Perhaps you should request

Perhaps you should request that your local library purchase his book and then check it out. I did that with Ron Paul's book even though I purchased a copy myself so that others who didn't want to spare the expense could be exposed to the message.

This guy is good it's too bad...

that he seems more interested in making a buck then spreading the message. I listen to him speak about how he worked extra hard to get this book to print and on the shelves before capitalism could be blamed.

I admire that. I went to the local Barns and Noble yesterday to buy "Meltdown" and was shocked that it was being sold for $29.95! We are talking about a soft cover book of a few Hundred pages. If Tom really wanted to "combat" those who will blame the market he may have considered pricing the book so that folks would not hesitate to pick it up.

I know I can find this book online cheaper, but B&N is a major player and a huge amount of people get there books there. The price deterred me from buying and I already knew about it and wanted to read it...just think about a person standing in that isle considering a book to pick up to better understand what is going on and next to Mr. Woods 30 dollar book sits a booked called "The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008" a hardcover written by the "Nobel Prize Winner" Paul Krugman selling for $12.99!!!!!!!!

Now consider the fact that we are in a "meltdown" and money is tight.....

So Mr. Woods what is more important the message or the money?

(In all fairness to Mr. Woods this may be out of his control, and may be a publisher or barns & Noble decision on the price...but He needs to step in to correct this however he can)

way to go tom...

i'm ready for part II

Ron Paul is my President

Ron Paul is My President