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Romney Scales Down Iowa Plans

There is an article out in the Boston Globe this morning that starts out:

ALGONA, Iowa -- Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said yesterday he has scaled back plans for a straw poll in Iowa next month that two chief rivals are bypassing.

He said he hopes to do well, but "we're not trying to overshoot dramatically." That means reducing the budget for the straw poll Aug. 11 in Ames and the number of supporters his campaign plans to bus in to the event.

"I think initially we planned to bring in a very large number of folks from across the state for the straw poll," Romney told reporters. "We've cut back on our target from that standpoint to a level where we think we can win, but we're not trying to overwhelm anybody."

Read the whole thing here

Give me a break! "We're not trying to overwhelm anybody!?" It sounds like Romney senses the huge groundswell below him, flowing in Dr. Paul's direction. He's already starting to spin his poor showing/defeat. Step 1) (Now) "We're pulling back. We don't want to overwhelm anybody." Step 2) (After the defeat) "We didn't realize that our last minute pullback would have such a significant impact on the outcome." Step 3) (Post-Iowa spin) "Well, Iowa isn't that important anyway."

So what's up with Mitt? He's been preparing for Iowa for years. He's so well prepared that Rudy McCain decided not to even show. Why pull back now? Why not go for total victory!

Maybe he's sensed the change in the air as well. If Romney is pulling back, it sound like now is the time for Paul supporters to step it up!!!

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Mormons and Ames

Shadeclan, your post really touched me. My father is a Mormon in SLC, and just the other day he called me and asked how he could get more involved in Ron Paul's campaign. He started out rooting for Romney, but after the June debate, he told me that unless something drastically changes, he's voting for Dr. Paul.

Romney is definitely spreading the word that he's "pulling back" in case he wins by a slim margin, or in case he loses the Ames Straw Poll. We ought to encourage people to take tickets/rides from Mitt, then vote Ron Paul when they get in there! ;-) I have a feeling Dr. Paul will do very well in this poll. When that happens, newpaper columnists, radio hosts, and pundits on Sunday talk shows who pretend like they understand what voters think will tell us all how the Ames Straw Poll doesn't matter, it isn't relevant.

But it is relevant. This campaign is going far better than I expected it to this early. People know things need to change with our nation, and all the points Ron Paul has been making for 30 years are resonating now.

Mormons For Ron Paul

Romney has perhaps had more unflattering things written about him than any candidate. Personally, I would not want the religion of a candidate to be the primary polling issue; however, it must be somewhat disconcerting to Romney fans to see sites like this:


Romney may be rapidly losing favor with folks from Utah and particularly with Mormons. There are many reasons but here is a biggie:

While Romney would certainly state he is pro-constitution, he has repeatedly backed Bush in stances that are clearly anti-constitutional. Backing Bush in commuting the sentence for Libby struck a note.

I recently learned that Mormons believe strongly that the constitution was "divinely inspired." They are bound by religious tradition and deeply rooted beliefs to vote for a candidate who will uphold that document they believe to be "divinely inspired." Romney's performance as far as support of Bush on unpopular decisions that usurp power from the people and therefore from the constitution is being questioned and will continue to be questioned.

In a recent article or blog here with Ron Paul answering questions about his faith, he stated that he believed the Constitution was "divinely inspired." That stopped me in my tracks a bit until I worked it out ( for myself) and decided that if a group of men truly wanted to reach for a document for and by the people and knew it would have to be a masterpiece if it would stand the test of time, they would perhaps be persuaded to prayerfully ask for an assist. One would have to agree that the Constitution is an "amazing" document and perhaps, just perhaps, it was given an "assist" by grace.
Perhaps that is exactly what the Constitution is...Amazing Grace. If so, it was a gift, in a sense. Given not necessarily because we had "earned" it, but because we were deemed worthy of receiving it and keeping it safe for all people.

Point: Ron Paul believes the Constitution was divinely inspired and he has an entire documented career proving that he is the foremost backer of the Constitution in Congress, bar none. Mormons know a great deal about being called a fringe group and would perhaps have respect for a candidate who does not see "fringe" ...whether the so-called fringe is a truther, a gay, a "sect" within a political party or... a Mormon.

I believe they will come on board (Romney is not getting great press) and the sooner the better. No group of people I know is better at organizing an area; ie busting it into Wards and knocking on doors! Another thing about Mormons is community and charity. If they find any family within their ward who needs help because of sickness, loss of a job or just about anything, they help. Good people. Good at community. Good model for all as we get away from Big Government and back to community.


Thank you

As a Mormon, I would like to thank you for your kind words. In a world where we and our religion are constantly minimized and criticized, it is nice to hear someone (not of our faith) point out our more positive attributes.
I am indeed voting for Ron Paul because of his integrity, consistency and support of the Constitution. I am not voting for "brother" Romney because of his lack of integrity, inconsistency and lack of respect for the Constitution. In fact, my wife (who is an excellent judge of character) recently turned to me and said that "Mitt Romney and his wife look and act like 'Peter Perfect' and 'Molly Mormon'" - derogatory terms which basically mean (in our culture) somebody fake, who does everything for show.
An interesting point you made subtly is that, unlike some other groups, many Mormons will not support a candidate just because he is a Mormon. We, as a group, have had a long history of dealing with people who are "Mormon In Name Only". To his credit, Mitt Romney has not renounced his religion in his quest for power, but he has renounced some of the Church's principles in order to be more popular to the masses and this is where I take the most issue with him.
I agree that the mainstream candidates are going to do what they can to minimize the results of this straw poll if Dr. Paul carries the day. Regardless of what happens, we all must put aside our differences and work together towards our common goal of freedom and self-determination. No matter how depressing, no matter how hopeless, no matter what odds we face, we must press forward. We Mormons know what it is to face long odds and almost universal hatred and we should use this experience to support men of good character, no matter what their faith.
Mormons should apply the teachings of the Church in the selection of a candidate. We should remember the teachings concerning the war in heaven, where we fought to keep our free agency. We should remember the teachings of the eleventh Article of Faith: "We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may". We should recall the writings of the prophet Joesph Smith when he said "No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood [or your authoritative position (my addition)], only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned; by kindness, and pure knowledge, which shall greatly enlarge the soul without hypocrisy, and without guile . . . ". If we truly believe these things, we Mormons could never lend our support to a candidate who does not love and defend liberty. If we believe in and understand the teachings of our Church, there would be absolutely no question who we should support in this election.
It is so infrequent that we get a chance to vote our conscience. Now that we have the opportunity, let's not let it slip through our fingers.

Freedom has two first names, and they are: Ron Paul.

And Thank You ShadeClan

....for responding as our little exchange helps exemplify what Dr. Paul is all about. A candidate who is all about "the people" not personal ambitions is almost foreign to us all. I believe he is where he is against all odds because of his "goodness" and the truth he promotes. What a great messenger for some truths that will always prevail!

BTW my son is married to a Mormon in Salt Lake City. I am not in the habit of praying with others on a regular basis, but I am rather proud to say that I sat on a porch with women from the Mormon Church on their rounds and we prayed for an ailing planet, a troubled world, and a nation that seemingly had lost its way. We found far more "likenesses" than differences. Our concerns were identical. It was a peak experience for me and I have tremendous respect for the larger body of Mormons. Within the top tiers there may be some of the same malignancy that has plagued every single "organization" on earth and most despicably .... our churches. None of the denominations are immune. I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church and, instead, of centering on the hypocracy, I now thank my religious roots for all the excellent questions it raised. It grew me.

Blessings to you, your wife and family. I loved what you said. Made my day!


My interpretation

is that this is remarkable news on several points:
1) Governor Romney may be feeling the burgeoning pressure of the Ron Paul phenomenon and is withdrawing unprepared from a potential loss
2) If we earn first place, it is another feather in the cap of the Congressman's resume; second surpasses 'minor' status
3) An achievement of any kind could exponentially multiply Dr. Paul's public profile (which in turn may multiply yet again)
I believe we've faced higher odds before and turned out greater political successes—3 cheers to a Ron Paul victory!

I wish I could agree with

I wish I could agree with you, and in a fair media-world I would, but the news media bias against our side is so pervasive that I think they'd treat us the same as now if we managed to win only second. Which is why we need to go all-out for first, since they won't be able to make excuses about a victory. The best they'll be able to do, as with the Celebration of Life & Liberty party, is STFU, but that'll be refreshing.

Managing Expectations

This is all about managing expectations. It's dangerous for people to have too-high expectations of campaigns this early. That's why Romney and others try to keep expectations low heading into these events. You could see it with fundraising results, it's all about coming in "better than expected". Romney knows everyone expects him to win big- so he wants to be able to say "wow I didn't have to try that hard and I still won big".

Think of the reverse. What if he makes people think "man, Romney's going to win by 30%", and then only wins by 20%? It would be reported as a major disappointment.

We saw this to some extent with Ron Paul's fundraising results. Free Market News and some others got way too excited and speculated that Dr. Paul would rake in $5m. Then when first reports came in the number was $2.4m, an awesome number in itself, those reports said the results were less than expected.


It smells fishy to me too

Remember, we are dealing with politicians and we know they can’t be trusted. Just because he says he’s not going all out doesn’t mean he isn’t. It may just be a ploy to get us to let our guard down.

We should discount anything they say and continue to go all out. It doesn’t matter what the eventual spin may be. Many people will be influenced by Dr. Paul’s showing no matter what the press says or doesn’t say about the results.

We have the internet and “troops in the field”. We will show the truth for everyone to see. Our troops come in all shapes and sizes and are peaceful for now, but make no mistake this is a war and we are in the fight of our lives. Thomas Jefferson called for “a revolution every 20 years”, (we are way behind and it shows). Let’s drown-out these fake patriot politicians with our voice once and for all.

One way to help make sure we have the best representation we can muster is to support the Operation Adopt-a-Iowan. Here is their website: http://ronpaulstrawpoll.blogspot.com

They have already received $4,400 with a goal of $10,000 or about 285 paid tickets for Iowans who can vote. I’ve adopted 2 (cheer for Ron and eat a hotdog for me) and will try to do a couple more before the event. Let’s see what Iowans think of being dismissed as inconsequential by the Romneys of the world.

Best Regards,

Check this out...

Something is funny about this, considering what is reported in these articles:
It will hopefully be more difficult for Romney to fudge the numbers for Iowa's straw poll than in Ft. Lauderdales Young Republicans poll. Anyone know anything about whether or not multiple votes are allowed? I've heard they were in the past...
(This next one merely highlights one of the new rules, same-day voter registration... I thought it was an interesting read. It seems Iowa's taken steps over the years to legitimize the straw polls, but this rule may/may not have some loopholes)

-Phil Hemingway III

i went to algona

i went to see the scumbag yesterday in algona, i was gonna ask a question but it was obvious he new who to pick for questions ,seeing though i had a ron paul shirt on. lol. anyways we followed him to the hydregen plant after that and we were kicked out because it wasnt a public event and the romney team were a bunch of assholes, even threatened to call the cops if we didnt leave the property. so we went across the street and showed our ron paul signs to passing traffic. and we talked to a reporter who claims he was from cnn but he video taped us and had a nice camera so who knows maybe he was. there was some other dude there in a dolphin suit with a sign saying "flip romney will tell you anything you want to hear" he was at the ralley in des moines too i remember seeing him there but he says he hasnt decided who to vote for yet but he hates romney and says "ron paul is a good guy, at least he's consistant on the issues".anyways ,then we followed him to forest city to what we thought was supposed to be a public event, but it turned out he rented the land to have romney supporters only so we and the dolphin got kicked out again so we went across the street from the entrance and flashed our signs again tilll it was over. we were gonna follow him to clear lake but we figured we probably get kicked out again. so we went home. but the story about Romney not trying hard to bribe the public to jump on his bus with a free ticket is a flat out lie. he had applications all set up for it at the events.

It smells fishy

But perhaps Romney knows that he will WIN the straw poll. He wants to show that he didn't sweat it . . .

His comments might have little to do with Dr. Paul.


Even before I read your comment I was thinking the exact same thing. Romney's excuse just doesn't fly. Trying to be fair? C'mon, if Romney knew he would win hands down why wouldn't he try to do his best there?

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Win/Win for the "top tier"

This non-campaigning in Iowa is a spin-win for the top tier. If they win, they can say, "look, we won without even trying", and if they lose, they can say, "well, it wasn't that important so we didn't even campaign there".

If it was just the candidates pulling the spin-job, it wouldn't be effective, but that is exactly how the news will spin it for them. It is important that our showing in Iowa is SO strong that it is unmistakable that they pulled out as acknowledging an upcoming loss.

It is important that we continue to pull off the straw poll wins as well. To prove that it isn't an isolated event. To prove that their metrics are wrong. When enough of those happen, they will have to spin/cave into, he was a "sleeper", "no one could have seen this coming", and jump on the Ron Paul Bandwagon.

Straw polls are a stronger indication of who will receive the nomination than national phone polls which would rather include "none of the above" than Paul, so we just keep sending them the message until they have to recognize it and start retracting their statements.

I understand the feelings against MSM, however, we must understand, that they are human, have opinions and just don't like to be wrong. That is more of the motivation in my opinion than anything else. We must give them a way to get on the bandwagon without losing face. We can do this by giving them the ability to say, "no one could have seen that coming".

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I agree

Straw polls aren't scientific, but I believe they gauge the passion of the candidate's supporters pretty well. This will matter in the primaries, especially if the majority of voters still aren't infatuated with Rudy McRomney.


Yeah, this is interesting. It almost seems like the top candidates are pulling back so that when Ron Paul wins the straw poll it will seem "insignificant" to the mainstream media. So they can spin it as just a result of the frontrunners being uninvested in the poll. Intriguing.