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Here's to "Barefoot"... may he rest in peace

Another Patriot gone from among us. My deepest condolences for any of his family or friends who may happen upon this post.

I learned alot from his site over the years and his downhome laid back ways always made me feel at home there.


Here's to you Barefoot, ....
Educate Yo'Self!! you will be missed!

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Rest in Peace and thank you Bob:

I have spent allot of time on that site and hope that someone takes it over with the same quality and great information that has been of interest to so many.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

The Seed Is Sewn ( sic)

I just posted a barefoot link within the hour ... before I was aware of Barefoot's passing by this obituary thread..

Here is different link ... one most fitting:


The profound planting leaves the ground.

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Barefoot Bob's followers. . .

Barefoot Bob had followers in unlikely places. . . all over the nation.

Friends from his high school days in Casper, WYO still congregate around his website. BTW that's the same Natrona County High School where Lynn & Dick Chaney attended and met. . .

(a nice article about him on Casper Star-Tribune on line)
"NC graduate helped others through his recovery"
Star-Tribune staff writer

Singing.... You don't know what you got till it's gone...

Thankyou for this article. It's strange how you can respct, love and admire an invisable person on the web without ever meeting them.

I knew nothing of Barefoots personl history, just makes me love the guy even more.

I'm glad he found his son. **smile**

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"I'm glad he found his son. **smile**

I sure hope our ** reads that article at http://www.trib.com/artic...

Brett, Barefoot Bob's son he hadn't seen for 27 years and whom he wished to meet all through those years, "knew" that it was his father the moment he saw BBob dismounted his motorcycle and took off his helmet.

I would like to think that the guardian angels of both of them have been exchanging a wealth of love to each other well before they physically met on that day. A nice thought, any way.

heart breaking

God Bless his family that keeps his website running so people continue to be informed...

RIPeace patriot*)

"(Better) to be confused in the search for truth than fully confident and sound asleep in a dream of lies." ~ Michael Nystrom

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Sad news. You will be

Sad news. You will be missed Barefoot.

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Barefoot Bob Hardison

Barefoot Bob was still recovering from recent major surgery when Ron Paul came to Spokane, WA on January 31st, '08. He was weak and pale, but this stubborn 75 year old retired engineer had been a R Paul supporter since the 1970s and he didn't want to miss the chance to hear Ron speak in person: he drove through ice and slush all the way from Idaho that day by himself to attend the rally.

". . . become involved in your own life and the life of the Nation. All that is necessary for such [power-hungry] "Leaders" to gain and to clutch the reins of power is for the rest of us to do nothing." is the message he told us personally and through his website.

He said he realized what government is about during the Korean War. His website, which is lovingly maintained by his family members and friends, is the collection of the knowledge and experience he wanted us to bring back to our own lives. I do miss his gentle mischievous smiles and quiet thoughtful radical words. -y

RIP Barefoot!

I have been visiting Barefoot Bobs Site for years! Sorry to see him go.

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