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RJ Harris Money Bomb

Why don't we put together a money bomb for RJ Harris? We haven't had a Ron Paul republican get into the spotlight like this since BJ Lawson. I think we should set something up for this guy.

The Peter Schiff people should help him out. Schiff has enough money to run, imagine if they raised that type of money for all of the other Ron Paul Republicans who need it. We need to bring more people together to start helping him out. And we shouldn't be throwing money at a guy that has more than enough to run and hasn't even said he'd run yet. We actually have a guy who has stepped up to run and he needs our help.

I wish I had more money to donate to his campaign, but I did donate $1. Hopefully more will do the same, because that'll add up.

Also, we all ready think Ron Paul is the next Thomas Jefferson, but I think this guy might be the next George Washington with his sick ass military background.

Just my two cents. - Abe

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Mr. Clark,

Thank you for this wonderful post. Most people just don't understand how critical seed funding is to get a fledgling campaign up off the ground. We have already received offers for some great media exposure but paying for that time and the interviews costs money early on, at least until you become a news-maker anyway. I really hope to see you get some traction with this grass-roots effort because my campaign could really use the help.

Thanks again,

RJ Harris
Norman, OK
US Congressional Candidate

RJ Harris
Constitutional Libertarian

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RJHarrisOfficial

I would like to see this

I would like to see this happen!
I have no idea as to how to make it a reality.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Here is how

I think what we should do is one of the following:

1. Create a Fan Webpage and either take donations for him, or maybe we can just link to his donation stuff.
2. Simply post bulletins, blogs, etc., onto our personal myspace pages, facebook pages, etc., that will link to his page.
3. We can post his videos in other places too.
4. Let's try to get in touch with the creators of the Peter Schiff and Rand Paul sites and see if they can help him.
5. We need to contact RJ's campaign and find out how we can work with them.

We really just need to get him known and then set a date for a money bomb day.... like they did for Schiff and Lawson.

Any suggestions?

"Every advance first comes into being as the luxury of a few rich people, only to become, after a time, the indispensable necessity taken for granted by everyone." Mises