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Letter to friends - Advice

After watching the good doctor on the house floor today I was inspired to write a facebook "note" to about 100 friends today. I haven't sent it yet and wanted a little feedback first. Thanks

In the news today we heard about President Obama and how he vows to reduce "pork barrel" spending.

It sounds nice in the paper and on CNN but in reality if all the earmarks were removed from the budget we would only save 1% of the total budget.

The budget itself would remain the same and any money not "earmarked" would go straight to the executive branch to be used behind the scenes.

Don't buy the BS that the media throws at you on this issue. The truth is that we need more earmarks. I'm not saying that all earmarks are needed. Some are wasteful and should not be included in the budget but let's not be distracted by this hype.

Congress is supposed to earmark funds for their district. That is how it works. We pay taxes and our reps fight for us in DC to get that money back in the form of an earmark.

Complete and total transparency is the only way we can get out of this mess and find out where our money is going.

Bill # H.R.1207 has been introduced in the house and will take away the laws that currently block Congress from knowing what happens at the Federal Reserve. Why does the Federal Reserve need so much secrecy? Isn't it our money after all?

Contact your Reps and tell them that this bill needs to be passed. If you have an opinion on this issue please post it. Thanks for reading my note now contact your REP!!

Send this to your friends. Feel free to copy and paste your own note. Thanks



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I agree about the earmarks

However, the reason they have such a bad name, is these earmarks usually end up going into the pockets of those local folks who played a big part in sending the Rep to DC. Or into the pockets of family members.

This can come to them in the form of contracts for whatever.

bump for activism

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Wow, great job

thanks for sharing with us.

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I think it's perfect!