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Gov. Sanford compares the U.S. to Zimbabwe inflation

Now the democrats are trying to shut him up.... I don't think he's perfect, and I still prefer Ron Paul... but if he keeps this up and Dr. Paul doesn't run in 2012, I may consider supporting him.... it's just nice to hear someone else point out reality every once in a while.


Democratic governors are urging South Carolina’s legislature to override Gov. Mark Sanford’s decision to reject a portion of the funds from the stimulus package.

“Every state should be laser-focused right now on one issue: jobs, jobs, jobs," said Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, vice chair of the Democratic Governors Association, in a statement. "Governors are supposed to get things done, and nothing is more important than putting people to work using every tool you have to create jobs. This rejection is less about the people of South Carolina than it is Sanford's political ambitions.”

Sanford maintains that spending the funds would only make the state’s financial situation worse in the long term. The governor on Wednesday slammed President Obama’s stimulus plan, saying it could make the United States like Zimbabwe. “What you're doing is buying into the notion that if we just print some more money that we don't have, send it to different states — we'll create jobs. If that's the case why isn't Zimbabwe a rich place?” he said. “Because they're printing money they don't have and sending it around … that same logic is being applied there with little effect.”

The Republican governor wants to use a quarter of his state’s stimulus money to pay down its debt instead of using it on new spending, according to a letter he sent state legislators Tuesday. He plans to ask Obama for permission to do so.

Sanford’s request applies only to the $700 million in stimulus funds that he has discretion over, according to the terms of the stimulus bill. The remaining 75 percent — or roughly $2.1 billion — due to South Carolina will be spent as directed by federal law, Sanford said in his letter.

The governor told his state’s lawmakers that he believed spending the funds would only make the state’s financial situation worse in the long term. But, he said, because taxpayers will still be required to pay for the federal spending in other states, “a blanket rejection of the funds would be unwise.”

In the news release from the DGA, Nathan Daschle, the DGA’s executive director, said: “If this weren't really happening, it would be a joke.

"Real people in South Carolina are suffering. They've been laid off. They're struggling to put food on the table. They are poring over want ads that get thinner every day. And now their governor thinks he's too good for this help, even as the economy gets worse. He even wants to give cash to banks instead of putting it back in the economy. If I were them, I'd move to North Carolina,” he said.

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Better Check Him Out Real Good

he might be pro war - pre emptive war ....
he was in agreement with his buddy Newt about going after North Korea
for shooting off a dud

check everyone of these donkeys and elephants out!


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I like Sanford, but, and

I like Sanford, but, and this goes for everyone, hyperbole gets us no where. Zimbabwe's inflation rate is no where near where we are. Yes, money is being printed, but we aren't even in inflation right now.

Still, I admire his courage to take on his opponents. He has caught my eye.

well, I think he was more

well, I think he was more saying that we're going to end up in a situation like Zimbabwe if we keep doing what we're doing.

Well, we are headed that

Well, we are headed that way.

"He plans to ask Obama for permission to do so"?


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my thoughts exactly...

I didn't understand that

I didn't understand that either...

He's the governor, why should he have to ask the president how to run his state? He was elected to be governor, not Obama.




If I was him/the/a governor,

If I was him/the/a governor, I would make that point publicly, that I was elected as governor, not the president, and I would make the decision on what to do... and if the President didn't like that, then don't offer the money.