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Vote on CNN.com,"How would you grade President Obama's first 50 days in office?"

Go there ( www.cnn.com ) now to vote. It's on the right hand side, about a page down. You know they might be spouting off the results on TV at some point so please vote.

Excellent 30% 99299
Good 29% 95576
Fair 19% 61217
Poor 22% 74061
Total Votes: 330153

While I was there I also found an interesting article about Gov. Sanford of SC comparing Obama's policies to Zimbabwe.


And something that didn't make sense to me. Oprah, shedding some light on your trustability. Ok, she's the one responsible for luring so many of her followers towards Obama. Couldn't she see his Socialistic dictatorship ways? Or was she just looking for a hot interview for her show a year down the road? Either way, she was duped herself, why should we listen to her anymore?


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I can't seem to see the Obama Poll, but

it does have a gun control question (following the shooting and Germany and more than likely the shooting in Alabama).

Question is:

Do the recent shooting rampages highlight the need for more gun control?
Yes 57% 7604
No 43% 5627
Total Votes: 13231

Perhaps once on that page, give it a quick NO vote?

You're right. I just saw

You're right. I just saw "Do you think Congress will pass another stimulus package this year?" 2/3's said yes, 1/3 actually thought no. How could they be so blind. If the financial system fails once, it will fail again, and every sector will be affected and be jealous of the bailouts. Macy's, Sears, Home Depot, and all the other retailers will want a bailout.

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