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Project Liberty AM - Your Town

Here in Grand Junction, CO our CFL meetup group is trying to get an AM station set up using the below service. Does anyone here have any experience with this service? It looks pretty cool and would be nice if we had hundreds of local liberty stations throughout the US.


"Here's your ultimate opportunity to lead with your own high quality part 15 radio station.
We offer the only crystal controlled part 15 certified for FCC part 15.219 operation. Not only that, when set up correctly the audio quality is substantial, loud and powerful.
The kits just dont get out - plain and simple. Our Rangemaster is the only way to go for several reasons - give us a call.
Have in your control the tools needed to get the truth out to your local area 24/7 while you work on other things.
Once you get your station up and announce it in the area, you may find others willing to donate funds or time to expand or help get the word out just as we experienced shortly after going live.
We are not here to make a living doing this. We are here because this is the right thing to do and the outcome will be significant to waking up your neighbors while exposing them to the cons and crooks who direct our lives without most of us realizing it. It's time to up the annie with various older technologies - AM Broadcast legally!
I am here to help you get set up, give advice and maximize your success.
We are not marking up the Rangemaster AM 1000 transmitter acting as a middleman. This is a special project for the purpose of waking people up. Here you get the best price possible and the help you need. We work with the creator of these units and have the experience to show you the way.
If talk radio is squelched - you will still have your unlicensed Part 15 Station - because you are non-commercial you will remain on the air with the truth!
Get ready to direct your neighbors to when and were on the dial to tune on a moments notice!"

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