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Dr. Carley will be on Alex Jones today talking about engineered flu pandemic/vaccines


Dr Carley will be on Alex Jones today talking about the engineered Flu Pandemic and other vaccine issues.

Here's the link to listen live AND the rebroadcast after the show ends:


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wow , she is a heavy hitter!

we are breaking through the fictions

Yes, and when you bring up her name on forums......


....the demons come out of the woodwork and try to say she's a "quack", "delusional", etc.

In fact, here's a GREAT interview conducted by Dr. Carley:

Who is behind Quackwatch? (mp3)






Thanks for posting.

peace patriot*)

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for more vaccine info

you might check out Dr. Tenpenny's site at

Also this site regarding no autism being found in the non-vaccinated......

I wouldn't take a vaccine now at all. You?