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Ron paul LIVE tomorrow

Ron Paul will be intereviewed LIVE tomorrow morning on 93.5 The Beach/ WZBH - Georgetown, DE. This is the first politician to ever be on this station and to my knowledge the first time that Dr. Paul has ever been interviewed by any type of media outlet in this part of the country. This station reaches Southern New Jersey, almost all of Delaware, almost all of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, all of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and part of the Western Shore of Maryland. This place is turning into a hot bed for Paul support so this could be huge!

You can listen live at www.wzbhrocks.com and he is scheduled to go on between 8-9 a.m. (sources say it will probably be at 8 a.m.). PLEASE send this station an e-mail or give them a call at 1-800-234-9350 and let them know that we appreciate them being brave enough to have him on and that people from across the country will be tuning in.

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Love it





Thank you for this info
peace patriot*)

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