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5000 Year Leap: The 28 Great Ideas that Changed the World

Just finished reading the book The 5000 Year Leap -- which I see is now being advertized on this website with a banner ad. Here is my review of the book:

Overall I thought the book was really good, and helped clarify in my thought some the principles of freedom that Ron Paul frequently hints at, but weren't completely clear to me. I had an excellent US History teacher in highschool, and was solid in knowing the US Constitution. But I can't really say I understood the principles behind it. What I liked about this book is that it distills the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence down to 28 principles, and then explains the history behind them. It explains Natural Law, Unalienable Rights, Checks and Balances, the rule of law, property rights, monetary policy, etc. going back to great thinkers in Greek and Roman times, ancient Isreal and Europe. Lots of great quotes and references from Founding Fathers, philosophers, historians.

I especially love the section about so-called "left" and "right" being false opposites -- really its people's law verses ruler's law.

I wish we had read a principle-based approach to the Constitution when I was in highschool. Maybe then my friends from highschool (Obama supporters) wouldn't go around saying "the Consitution is based on slavery!". I have been loaning/giving the book to my non-Ron Paul friends and have found them to be receptive to it. I recommend it to everyone here on the Daily Paul, both to stimulate your own thought and research, and for outreach.

I bought it here: http://www.nccs.net

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Thanks for the review!

I jst signed up for an all day Constitution Class, and they are throwing in a copy of this.

I look forward to the class and the book.


Tim B


for the info and review.

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