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If You Want to Invest in Something Invest in This - IT'S THE WAVE OF THE FUTURE


The purpose of this page is to educate reporters, research firms, financial analysts, venture capitalists, real estate moguls and solar manufacturers on how vast the supply of Arizona solar energy is. This bountiful natural resource pours down a motherload of pure clean, carbon-free energy on Arizona more than 320 days per year. (Click here to attend a "Building a Solar Industry in Arizona" seminar)


The Grand Plan for Solar Power Panels

Many experts and industry research reports detailed on this page indicate that there is enough solar energy in Arizona and other southwestern states to power the entire United States.

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Can you

imagine how much was made by those who were in on the ground of the automobile, Xerox, Eastman Kodak, Microsoft?

Same page, different continent

Sahara desert could supply all of Europe's electrical needs

A great part of the Sahara desert is in Libya

Libya is also home to Oasis Oil Corp., they could control oil and electrical production for Europe.

I'm just glad to see

That solar power is getting some consideration,
Personally, I like the idea of making it more affordable for homeowners to generate there own power, and possibly more than they need.
With a grid-tied system, if it is large enough, you can actually spin your electrical meter in reverse and the utility company then buys the excess power from you!

Disruptive Technology

This is what will take Solar from hobby to Mainstream.


Now that is cool!

I had heard of thin film printing of solar panels before, great video!
I am very familiar with single ply roofing membrane, and this could be applied in much the same manner.
Lifespan of the collector is my only concern, but that is an unknown.
Bump for anyone willing to give it a try.

Supposedly it would take

Supposedly it would take less than 500 solar towers (solar updraft towers; solar chimney power plants) to power all homes (and I think possibly businesses as well) in the U.S. One is currently being built, or is planned to be built, in Australia. They are sort-of like the solar tower in the movie Sahara, but not exactly.

Less than 500 of these towers at a cost of 750 million or so each is less than $400 billion.

So, basically, for less than the cost of the average government bailout or spending package we could all have nearly free electricity, other than the upkeep costs.

That would be an incredible stimulus to our country!

The downside is that they take up a lot of space, I think approx 2 square miles each if I'm remembering correctly. Something like the entire land area of Nevada would be needed to power the entire country.

To me, that sounds like a lot better use of 400 billion dollars as compared to giving it to the bankers or maintaining our Iraq conquest for another 6 months or so.

Things like this, the decisions that are made or not made, convinces me that our government and elected representatives really do not care about us at all.


The future, should we get

The future, should we get there in one piece, will be a leap in technology such as humanity has never seen and few can imagine. Solar energy will be transformed as will hydrogen as fuel, electrical 'generation' and whole technologies not widely known about (yet). The only thing holding this Perfect Storm of Science back are the scum floaters holding it all down with rules, regulations, red tape and scarcity of funding. Hold onto your hats because when the lid comes off it'll be something to tell your grand kids about.

Bump for discussion.

I think they should use hemp also instead of oil. I hear hemp would work very well.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

That's funny, I was told Amway was...

the wave of the future over 20 years ago. LOL

Well I should hope so ...

Now if someone just built a PVC grid on every square inch of it, then we would be in business.

Anybody that tells you that solar energy is free, you should be skeptical.


It may not be free

but it sure would help get us get off the foreign oil addiction.

In addition, the money paid for this would stay here and not go to the Middle East to fund whatever...

Drilling for our own oil would do that too...

And yet, we refuse.

Do you really think the government will allow the individual to just 'sign off' from the grid and live freely and independently? Hardly.

There is no money in making us free and independent.

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

That is true,

however solar is a lot cleaner.

Arizona: The Persian Gulf of Solar Power in America


Arizona: The Persian Gulf of Solar Power in America

The abundance of sunshine and the energy it can generate has made Arizona a target for solar power panel system manufacturers and economic development teams. As you can see, Arizona offers a very large vein of solar energy that can be used to fuel solar energy panel system power plants, which will attract billions of dollars in investment capital, provide a boom to Arizona's economic development, and generate thousands of construction and permanent jobs.