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Ron Paul interviewed by Steve Gill

Steve Gill was one of the people who called him a kook during the primaries, now he has him on about earmarks????

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For The Record ...

Gill was very fair to RP in this interview. But, when it really counted he bashed him at every turn in the primaries and highly suspect he would do so again. He's a Neocon in drag.


you spelled "interview" wrong in the title.

thanks for posting though :-)

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Steve Gill is a Nashville Talk Radio Announcer. With what is going on with the Davidson County GOP, giving Ron credibility can only be a good thing.... and he did offer to let him gloat!

I don't care what these guys have said about Ron Paul in the past, they are getting it now! Good thing Ron doesn't carry a grudge, it wouldn't get him anywhere.


I think I'll send this video to Neil Cavuto right now.
Who, by the way, still has Ron Paul listed as "biggest porker" on his fox business site.

"It's just one big club... and WE ain't in it!"

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"It's just one big club... and WE ain't in it!"

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Neil is stupid - maybe Dr. Paul won't come back on his show

and his ratings will drop.



the heck is Steve Gill?

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I have never heard of

nor seen Steve Gill until this moment. Seems I saved myself some frustration.

Gill =

Steve Gill = NEOCON to the third power. I keep the shredder running ... a good share of the time, you can almost feel your brain shrinking:)

I loathe Steve Gill

I loathe Steve Gill