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"...Massive Inflation Could Hit the U.S."

""The United States today is in a short-term deflationary phase caused by forced liquidations, de-leveraging, going out of business sales, and other temporary factors.

It is our belief that the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve and United States Treasury will soon put an end to this deflationary phase, and we will see massive inflation in the U.S. that could ultimately lead to Zimbabwe-style Hyperinflation."


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What credibility does this "National Inflation Association" have really?

The fed has stepped on an

The fed has stepped on an landmine. It is only a matter of time until they cannot stand still anymore with a trillion dollar load on it.

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64 degrees. Oh, yes and hyperinflation. I'm sorry but I'm freezing my ass off and 64 degrees is hyperinflation temperature to me. I could use some of that. LOL

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We all know it

is only a matter of time from here.

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Good lord, bigmike...

come back to bed.

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