Video and Media Accounts from South Carolina

Special thanks to the Daily Paul user with the longest username: America Loves Ron Paul More Than Sean Hannity for posting the first video links & reports from South Carolina. Here is part one of nine:

Links to the remaining 8 videos, and excellent news links from the original Forum post, here:

Thank you!

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You could make your name a bit longer...

if you changed it to "America loves Ron Paul more than George Stephanopolous"

PS Did I spell that right or is it Stephanopoclueless?
-Phil Hemingway III

But I don't think he/she

But I don't think he/she could *possibly* make it any funnier! ;^)

That's debatable......

My name on my meetup group is "I Hate Michelle Malkin":

Anyhow, I based that name on this video from Fox:


Nah, hating Michelle's not

Nah, hating Michelle's not that funny. She's wrong, but I happen to think we can convince her of that by election-time, and she's certainly more fun to look-at than O'Reilly or any other male commentator, IMO! Now, "I hate looking at O'Reilly" would be funny, IMO!

With All Due Respect To George

....the correct spelling of his "sir name" sounds very much like a dinosaur category. I'd never noticed that before.


Two Ladies in the Front Row.

Not sure if anyone caught this. But there are two ladies in the front row, kinda left on the camera. They were visable throughout the video. I am assuming by their initial body language and the way they look, that they were part of the group that was sponsoring this forum.

If you'll notice at the begining of the speech they had their backs almost to the podium and were for the most part pretty inantimate. When others were jumping up and giving standing "o's" they either didn't clap or very politely golf clapped.

I watched them through the whole 9 part video, and at one point the lady to the left turns her chair to face the podium to listen. As the speech goes along she actually starts nodding at certain points, and even gave a fist pump in the air for the stay out of the UN comment! Pretty extrodinary, if what I was seeing, was really what I was seeming. Someone who started off being very polite but not really wanting to listen to him, and in the end, I think she had at least a grudging respect for what Ron Paul had to say.

Hence the need to get his message out any way we can.

Robert NW Ohio
"The freedom tree is watered by the blood of both patriots and tyrants alike".........."time to water the tree"..Authors Unkn


haha, i noticed the same thing...

The lady was actually eating, etc as Ron Paul's wisdom was unfolding behind her.

She seemed surprised that ANY political candidate was able to make an audience react in such a way.

I guarantee you she usually attends those events and only hears, "blah, blah, blah, BLAH, blah....." She's probably just playing the political game to stay in with the elite crowd, and NEVER intended to have her socks knocked off.

Who knows, though - She may be an ardent Ron Paul supporter who follows Dr. Paul as someone who follows the Grateful Dead around the country and is just a bit tired............................nahhhhhhhhhh.

Come to think of it, can we get some Ron Paul clothing made that's similar to Dead-Head clothing for those who caravan around the nation with Dr. No?


Part 7's especially-good!

I wonder if we could convince the remnants of the Dead Head community that Ron's their man, too? They'd surely produce that hemp Ron Paul for President t-shirt, anyway, since they've got the hemp! ;)

Anyway, I watched the videos and for me it's all-good, but I noticed it's a bit long. Part 7, which itself is close to 10 minutes, goes particularly-well IMO, so if you have people who might want to "skip ahead," that video is what to send 'em! It starts out with a "who are the radicals"?? talk, where he immediately (YAY!) mentions inflation, gold, and silver, and calls the counterfeiters counterfeiters (ok, maybe I'm biased...). Sound money rocks!

Then he continues with Constitutional foreign policy and for a bonus hits the UN hard. Then he mentions the radical idea that maybe we should NOT get involved in the internal affairs of other nations. Then he talks some Republican party history about war, and how things have gone terribly wrong this time, and how "peace is popular"! Then he talks about young people (YAY!!) and the diversity of our coalition.

Then he explains freedom SIMPLY, in terms of big government authoritarians vs individual excellence. I just love this man SO much, it brings tears to my eyes. This campaign is really different from '88. We have a chance for freedom and responsibility.

Then he just keeps it up, and it's all GREAT! He shows us how our traditions can bring us the peace and prosperity they brought the USA back before we largely abandoned 'em, and it cuts-off just when you want to hear Part 8! Wow.