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Dr. Paul: For the Love of God, Hire Better Press Relations People!

From early on in 2007, I recognized a problem. Ron Paul tends to surround himself with loyal individuals who share his philosophy, and appears to feel that sharpening his message with the help of media relations professionals is too "slick" for his liking.

I've talked to and met many kind, intelligent people working for Paul. Jesse Benton struck me as smart and easy to get along with. Kent Snyder, may he rest in peace, was a long-time ally of Paul's and very knowledgeable.

But, to be blunt, the people handling Paul's press relations, then and now, have been out of their league.

Much of the presidential campaign's PR was generated by independent grassroots action. Aside from the "Rudy Giuliani Book Club," I can't think of a single wise PR initiative that generated any real coverage. But I can think of ill-fated interviews, defamatory nonsense on major news networks that went unanswered, and now I see a titanic PR screwup.

Someone approved an interview with Sacha Baron Cohen. This happened in 2008, in the middle of the primary season. This was almost 2 years after the film Borat came out. It was over 5 years since the false person Cohen was using, "Bruno," became known to U.S. audiences in the hit HBO show "Da Ali G Show," on which Cohen would use three false personas to conduct sham interviews with politicians.

The fact of the matter is, being a press relations staffer for Ron Paul isn't the toughest job in the world. Compared to other candidates, Paul prefers to speak on his own behalf much more than the norm. A Paul press relations staffer's primary job is to prevent disasters like this. Even if you're unable to recognize a scam like this before it starts, you have to be a heartbeat away and ready to pull your candidate out of a potentially embarrassing situation. But whoever was with Dr. Paul allowed the disastrous ordeal to go on for FIVE MINUTES, culminating in him being shocked and blurting out potentially offensive reactions (even shouting that the interviewer "a queer").

A staffer who does their job effectively would never let such an interview take place. A staffer who does their job competently would smell something is going on long before the candidate gets uncomfortable. And NO STAFFER worthy of earning a salary would EVER allow their candidate to be closed off in a room where an unknown interview who looks like Bruno starts dancing with champagne on the table.

Paul's campaign people failed on an epic scale.

Ron Paul's candidacy achieved many great successes, but I think it's time we evaluate why those successes were realized. In large part they were about the great ideas of a great man -- who is sadly not a prototypical political candidate. And the engine pushing those ideas forward was the grassroots. The campaign itself was an unmitigated disaster run by individuals with impressive libertarian bona fides but lacking practical campaign skills/experience.

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More info on the movie:

Doesn't sound, PR-wise, so bad.

"I attended the first screening of Bruno here in Los Angeles.
I'm a huge Ron Paul supporter. When Ron Paul came on screen
the majority of the audience cheered, clapped, and hollered.
The Slate article was inaccurate regarding Ron Paul's scene
however. When Bruno pulled his pants down, Ron Paul jumped
up and tried to leave the bedroom, but was blocked by Bruno.
Ron Paul yelled, "Get out of here," and pushed him aside. As
Ron Paul was leaving the hotel room walking towards the elevators,
he said something to the effect of, "That guy's queerer than
blazes." Ron Paul was visibly uncomfortable, but he didn't do
anything that would reflect poorly on himself.
Of course."


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they should have done their homework.

I didn't watch the interview, and I won't--but a thought came to

That this 'stunt' is not only not funny--it was sexual harrassment.

How they got Bob Barr

Bob Barr explains how his office was fooled:

Musician, Blimpographer...Hear my music: www.myspace.com/americanpirates
my videos: www.youtube.com/conservativefunds

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Jack ....

RP had no illusion that he had a shot.

He was selling a message not himself.

He made a choice to spend the money elsewhere.

I will say this:

For those liberty candidates that wish to get elected ...

RP's staff or the equivilent would probably be sufficient.

If you are running on a national stage, then you need to spend a little more and get better help.


Maybe so but...

when I heard RP speak in NH (fall of '07) he was ON FIRE! And so were the crowds. The $$$$ was pouring in and the good Dr. was feeling very positive about his chances in the primaries. And then...the debates, the corny advertising, the wasted energy of volunteers, and the dismal showings in both Iowa and NH. All the energy evaporated. And so I agree with Jack. A more professional campaign would have seized the moment. Instead it was the ultimate hack, John McCain, that emerged. Good grief!


It seems they

could use some help.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.


This was inexcusable.

Natural Law and Natural Rights



The Virtual Conspiracy

Gotta agree there

Borat denigrated Bob Barr and Alan Keyes and now the idiot is going after Ron Paul. Why can't people see this from a mile away? For the press secretary here are interviews to avoid:
Howard Stern
Opie and Anthony
Sacha Cohen

Why can't he be on Letterman or Leno or even Kimmel? Come on aren't we primetime by now?

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To be fair, Dr. Paul's been on Leno twice. He was once the main (first) guest, even.

he fails...

at tricking any of the real status quo, establishment politicians (who have competent PR) so instead he goes after less well known ones (with bad PR) while pretending to be scoring a coup against powerful people and embarrassing them. He never gets interviews with real Democrat or Republican elite and power brokers so its really not that funny or impressive.


While I admit, RP could sure use some polish... I kinda like him because he is unpolished.

There is nothing phony about him.

However, his halting manner of speech, his overuse of 'ahhhh' and 'well' make him come off a bit goofy. I had hoped his time on the campaign trail would have eliminated some of that, but alas, no.

If you're going to be in the political spectrum at that level, I'm sorry but you're going to be contending with the likes of Obama and Romney....granted, two idiots with nothing to say - but a great delivery.

Imagine RP as an articulate, gifted speaker... A man with a message and the ability to deliver it creatively and succinctly... Now that's the ticket!

He needs better people around him to guide him to the places where he needs to be and shield him from the hangers-on and users that pop up during campaigns. There is no doubt his run for president could have been handled better. With all the money he raised he could have had a very potent team around him - and a voice/speech coach!

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I think the one thing

I really like about listening to Dr. Paul's speeches is the way he acts his own natural self. He doesn't read from a script or anything and everything he says is what he knows and is from his heart. If he says "ahhhh" or "well" too much, so be it. I know Dr. Paul and he is sincere and genuine and that is what matters the most to me.


As someone who coaches champion debaters...

...I volunteered my services for free. :)

that's fabulous.

you might want to post that over at C4L...

One of our strengths is

One of our strengths is decentralization. We are a true grassroots movement not being guided from a central control mechanism. If Paul stumbles it just shows us we need to shoulder more of the load and carry more water and chop more wood. Paul and his people can't do it all nor would most of us sit still for some yahoo at central control telling us how to behave or not.

I do agree there are what appears to be incompetence in Paul's close organization. We saw it stumble, careen and crash numerous times during the election. How can this not have been addressed and fixed since then?

Am I to understand that this happened back in 2008?

If so, you have to ask...Why is it being resurrected now? By who and for what purpose?


1. Most of us are just hearing about it for the first time.

2. The film of the incident is about to be in a major motion picture. This movie will almost certainly be #1 at the box office, if his previous film is any guide.

Totally agree..

I want the person who authorized this interview to confess and resign quietly for this massive screw-up...there's no excuse for not knowing who this guy is and what he would be up to.

Agreed, but...

...it's possible that this already happened. Maybe someone resigned. Maybe someone has been "moved" to a different post.

The point is I'd just like Dr. Paul and those around him to bring in experienced professionals. There's a place in the campaign for the Bentons, etc. of the world. It's just not on point managing the press.

Some valid points

Perhaps Ron will re-consider if he chooses to run again.

It can't be...can it?

It can't be...can it?

At least Bob Barr ate the breast milk cheese, in Borat...

One of the funniest parts of that movie.

That's about all the positive words
I can think of for this unfortunate mishap.

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Queer is right!

If some man regardless of his sexual orientation pulled his pants down in front of me....I would not hesitate to call him a queer either.....and from what I know....queer was another word for strange sexual desires, pervert or sexual deviant.......

Sacha Baron Cohen is a bag of useless crap anyway.....he's a queer!

Something else that's important to note...

...is that, if I'm not mistaken, Kent Snyder (who recently passed away) was gay. Kent was one of Dr. Paul's right hand men for many years.

Ron Paul is not a bigot. He's not a gay basher. If the media wishes to make that argument, they'll be smacked down and proven wrong.

It's just sad that Dr. Paul would be placed in this situation.

Besides the point

This isn't about Dr. Paul's reaction or its appropriateness. Does it matter that Sarah Palin gave "appropriate" answers in that prank interview? No, she looks like an amateur for being taken in.

This is about an amateurish campaign that set up this sham interview, and then allowed it to go on for 5 minutes and deteriorate in a demeaning way. I like Jesse Benton, but his comment in that article angers me. The fact that Ron Paul didn't know who Cohen is means nothing. It's JESSE BENTON'S JOB to know.

And by the way, Cohen is straight and married as far as I can tell. The antics are an act and in character.

great and important post

I agree that Benton and other staffers should have KNOWN Cohen(how can anyone not remember the face from Borat)

peace patriots*)

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understandable, but

I would agree he needs better press relations. But it sounds like you have a personal bone to pick there.

The point I was making is that the word queer should not hold the negative connotations it does.

Fair points...

I don't have any personal bone to pick here, I promise you. I, like many people, personally invested a lot into the campaign (time, money, "hope" -- seriously). It pains me to see campaign screwups.

It's like getting angry at the coach of your favorite team making bonehead decisions, except the direction of our country is more significant than some game.

I agree with you on the meaning of the word "queer." Certainly, it could've been worse. I can't imagine how I'd react in Dr. Paul's situation. Maybe I'd have remained cool headed. Maybe I'd have been witty. Maybe I'd have used far more offensive terms in my state of shock.

Isn't it obvious what

the "problem" is?? Imo, supposed RP supporters are attempting to smear RP's name, all the while PRETENDING to be outraged...there are several of these posts yesterday and today.... They just want to make sure, just in case somebody missed it, that everybody's aware that Ron Paul SUPPOSEDLY (my hearing isn't that great)...either called somebody queer or weird...

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We shall see

Perhaps this incident served as a wake up call. Benton appears to be working in a different capacity now. I'm didn't say Benton (or whoever's watch this occurred on) needed to be fired, but they obviously needed to be replaced in that capacity.

I hope the incident served as a wake up call and that Dr. Paul (and future, like-minded candidates) will appreciate the need for seasoned, skilled people in those positions.

Ideology matters when it comes to a staff. But I'd rather have a SKILLED PROFESSIONAL who isn't in complete agreement with Dr. Paul on the issues serving in press relations than a greenhorn who shares Dr. Paul's views.