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Recommended viewing: The Arrivals

Part one:

Part-1 of The Arrivals Series Proof from Holy Quran, Mind control feat. George Carlin, Children's mind control, Proof of Antichrist's arrival, Architecture & energy, Battle of Human Energy, Pharaohs of Today, Shocking Evidence of Pharaohs, Hashemsfilms, New World Order, Musical Sorcery, Light up the darkness.

Part two:

Part-2 of The Arrivals Series Lady in Red., The Hollywood, Hollywood & The Promised Land, The Media & Islam, War on Terror, The Hypocrisy of Democracy, The UFO Phenomena, What Is Yet To Come, Our Satanic Pop Culture, Materialism & The Battle Within

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It might be beter

If the video quality on google video wasn't so crappy. I can hardly make out any of it.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

Try downloading it via a Torrent,

might be a little better. The one I have is not too bad. At times when they put it on video google or youtube, the quality suffers terribly.

Still, even if it was not such a good picture, still worth watching.
I compare it with real life: not a good picture at the moment but still worth living :)

Yes! Yes! Yes! Excellent series. I have watched them all

Those guys did a fantastic job. It goes a little freaky occasionally, but what good info doesn't? There's like 50 parts, but they are very good.

thank you


thanks hannah

~peace be upon us