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Hey DP family, please help my little cousin's school, it's super-easy

Please go to www.washingtoncaps.com ; click on the Community tab - and then "Vote for Your Favorite Click to Win School.
> Relay Elementary has a picture online; and if they win - they will win $1000.00. Notice Gracie - - Allllll the way in the back. That's her head poking up over the train! .....she's not thrilled to be stuck in the back. :)
> Voting is from March 16 thru March 23; and you can vote as many times as you want!!!!!
> Please take some time (lots of times!) to vote for RELAY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!

You guys are the best ;)

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Pretty girl.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

150 votes from me

can I take a break now?

thanks, you're a voting machine.

That dsl connection is good huh?

A public school?

We're taxed enough for the school. Don't expect us to work any more for it.

Unless you're in Ellicott City, MD---You're good.

I just want the kid to win her little contest. If it was up to me she wouldn't be in public school in the first place.




and bump

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