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Continuity and Change....

Forget the latter, and get used to the former !!
by Justin Raimondo
As a reward for killing 1,400 Palestinians in the Gaza blitzkrieg, ignoring U.S. demands to stop the building of "settlements" on the West Bank, and vigorous efforts to breach our security and steal highly classified information via its Washington fifth column, Tel Aviv has been reassured by President Barack Obama that $30 billion in aid will not be cut. World financial crisis? Impending US bankruptcy? Obama's newfound sense of fiscal responsibility? Put it out of your mind. All it takes is one phone call from Chuck Schumer, a tête-à-tête with Nancy Pelosi, and an editorial or two in the Washington Post, and – poof! – "change" turns into continuity. Obama will keep Bush's promise, and you can take that to the bank.

The other side of the coin in the Charles Freeman fracas is that the Lobby is positioning itself within the Obama administration, even as it shoots down its most visible critics. Freeman's demise is paralleled by the rise of Dennis Ross, pro-Israel hard-liner and neocon-aligned supporter of the Iraq war, who will handle the Iran portfolio (!) in the State Department. Michael Crowley over at The New Republic reports the Ross appointment was "unveiled by e-mail under the cover of darkness," while Richard Holbrooke and George Mitchell, the other two Middle East-related State Department "fixers," were given a flourish of trumpets. Crowley and others find this puzzling, yet indicted spy for Israel Steve Rosen, who wears Charles Freeman's scalp on his belt, explains it well: "A lobby," wrote Rosen in an internal AIPAC memo, "is like a night flower. It thrives in the dark and wilts in the sun."