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Interested in Up and Coming Musical Artists?

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to update folks on a project that my company is currently involved in the Toronto area.
We have installed a video recording system at a local, well known bar/pool hall/stage called the Rivoli, in order to record the live acts as the play.
Once recorded the the video can be published to the Internet or to DVD as per the Artists request.
The first test samples from 4 different bands are up. They are as follows:
Revival Dear:
A midwest country & blues band (I highly recommend this to everybody even if you don't like this genre)
A local Toronto Indy rock bandy
Neil Kevin Quin:
A local band member who wanted a solo night for fun
A west coast metal band

The four samples can be viewed here:

Let me know what you think, as we will have an endless streamof new content in the future

Oh yeah the most important aspect of this endeavor is that I have created two full time positions at the Rivoli. 8)

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