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To: Congress of the United States, President of the United States

Whereas, the Constitution of the United States clearly and specifically limits the scope and authority of the federal government under the enumerated powers clause;

Whereas, the encouragement of private and public debt by the federal government has brought America to the brink of financial devastation;

Whereas, history proves government spending has never succeeded in curing an economic downturn, but rather serves only to deepen and prolong it;

Whereas, government takeovers of banks and financial institutions move America ever further from the free-enterprise principles that have brought the nation prosperity for 233 years;

Whereas, bailouts of failing corporations represent a counterproductive response to what is, essentially, a government-induced crisis;

Whereas, the current level of irresponsible government spending will, by all accounts, either bankrupt this country or burden our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren with never-ending debt;

Whereas, redistribution of wealth by government for the purpose of achieving "social justice" is immoral and a proven failure:


We, the undersigned, assert our rights as citizens of the United States in demanding an end to all further "stimulus" spending, corporate bailouts, "earmarks," pork projects, welfare programs, higher tax rates and attempts to nationalize industries. We reject socialism, no matter how it is packaged. And we pledge to hold accountable any and all elected officials who continue to pursue this course that is rapidly leading America to ruin.


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Alright! A petition! Now we'll get through to them!

How many trees must die before they listen?

aw, you beat me

If they added "and accept responsibility for our role in this fiasco, ie, paying taxes, we hereby cease all payment of fees and taxes until the Rule of Constitutional Law is restored... then you might have something.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Oh..but it FEELS good...

and keeps everyone so busy, busy!!
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