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Congressman Zach Wamp Loves Conservative Bloggers, Ron Paul


U.S. Congressman and 2010 gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp reached out to a group of East Tennessee conservative bloggers for a meeting this week. According to Hear ItFrom.us, Rep. Wamp gave a brief speech, but spent the majority of his time fielding “very tough questions” about everything from term limits to state income and estate taxes.

In addition to doing his homework on the bloggers in attendance, Rep. Wamp also made a point of talking about his Libertarian streak. He reportedly name-checked the liberty-loving Ron Paul on several occasions and talked about his commitment to homeschooling and gun rights. And despite being unaware of a “reasonably popular idea…to repeal the 17th amendment,” Wamp may be seen as Tennessee’s great libertarian hope:

“This is exactly what I hoped for from Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign-I wanted the conversation shifted to the libertarian direction.” -sadcox, Hear ItFrom.us

Confidential to Rep. Wamp: Some of us here at Chattarati share your admiration of Dr. Paul. We’ll await your call for our own blogger meeting.

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Wamp's district is adjacent to where I live.

So, I pay some attention to his activities.

Wamp isn't fit to be a pimple on the ass of my congressman, John Duncan.
Wamp's finger is always in the wind, swaying with any breeze. Mostly interested in any breeze coming from the lobbyists.
He feels a libertarian wind blowing, so he acts libertarian a little bit.

He voted for the bailouts, and voted for the war, and he's basically a Neocon.
I'd accept his support and votes for anything he wants to support us on, but I wouldn't trust him half as far as I could throw the planet Jupiter.
His constituents were about a billion to one against voting for the bailouts, and he voted for them anyway. He's a snake.

During the elections, I rode around with a sticker on my car that said "Sack Wamp".

Oh, definitely


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Thank you my friend

I am off to the forest its sunny 60F spring has arrived.
hug&peace patriot*)

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