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Adam Kokesh Interview Tomorrow... Listen Live

The interview is finally booked! Adam will be giving an interview to WZBH tomorrow at 8:20 a.m. EST. YOU can listen live by visiting www.wzbhrocks.com and clicking the "listen live" icon on the right side of the page. I would suggest tuning in a few minutes early as it can sometimes take a couple of minutes for the live feed to load.

This is the same station that gave Dr. Ron Paul interview time last week and they were so impressed that they asked for more voices of liberty. So be sure to e-mail the station or call them at 1-800-234-9350 and let them know how much we appreciate them giving a soapbox to true patriots and encourage them to add the interview to their podcast page.

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Ohhhh, 93.5 The Beach..

I wrote them last week after having Dr. Paul on...great station...

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Wow, that

is kind a early in the morning. I hope they tape it so we can hear it later.

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I hope everyone can tune in!

I hope everyone can tune in!