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Another perspective on the MIAC report

If the stated purpose of the training was to be able to identify if a citizen is likely to actually know their rights so, once identified, an officer shouldn't bother trying to get these citizens to unwittingly waive their rights, the report would make a lot more sense.

I got right away that it doesn't directly say Ron Paul supporters are terrorists. Rather, it implies that a person involved in a militia that has a beef with the federal gov't would be more likely to support a Liberty candidate than any other candidate. Great. I can agree on that.

That begs the questions, then. What's the point of the "training"? It doesn't help police officers ID people who are about to do dangerous things. If the officers are distracted by my Ron Paul bumper sticker, they aren't looking for things that are a real red flag that someone's about to do something dangerous.

I'd give examples of what those things are that officers should be looking for, but I don't know. I read every page of the MIAC report. That I don't know what the red flags really are is a testament to how useless this "training" is since I read the whole thing.

After reading this report, will an officer be more knowledgeable in what he should be looking out for to prevent violent acts?

Answer: Just the opposite: the officer will be distracted by unrelated details.

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