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I gave my mom, 84, the bad news yesterday

that she's may be the oldest U.S. citizen to be on a watch list because she voted for Ron Paul in the primaries and Pastor Chuck Baldwin for president. She said she didn't know weather to laugh or get pissed.

She laughed becasue the federal gov't. is such a joke and is pissed it lacks any common sense.

She said we should find as many 70-80 year old Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr supporters to make a public statement to the press and embarrass the hell out of DHS and MO law enforcement.

I think it's appropriate, but have no idea how to find such a group. I'm sure there are quite a few supporters like my mom out there.

Any ideas?

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for a good idea!! does anyone know where to find these video's? I looked on youtube but came up empty!!


I think this is a great idea!! I remember during Ron Pauls run for president there was some video of him going to some senior citzens homes and speaking,if these people could be located and some one do a new interview with them voicing there opinion of being on a terrioriest list,could make a very big statement to america!!

More bad news

More bad news for your mom. She doesn't even hold the record. Mine's 90, and she contributed to Ron Paul.

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Further bad news, my grandma

Further bad news, my grandma was 97 when she voted.

Well, I'd sure like to see these watchlist candidates

give someone a piece of their mind. You start accusing the elderly of such things, people start becoming offended.

I'm still trying to figure how to reach some of these folks.

Any ideas, let me know.

aaaa yyyeeessssss

You already have!!!! Just truck yourself back to your mother's house with a camera!! One will bring another.

Race to find the oldest Ron Paul supporter! :)

Making a group video or video of clips from these older patriots is a terrific idea!! Somebody find the granny shooting from her wheelchair!! (Remember she shot the target in the 'toodles'?)

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to find the oldest and wisest senior citizen, thats been awake! for a while now.