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VOTING: The Complex Made Non-Complex

The Complex, Made Non-Complex

I’ve been toying for some time now with ideas on how to improve upon the voting system and feel this concept would suffice. Thought I’d throw it out here on DP to hammer out any details. Since I cannot induce such a system, the best I can do is just get the word out on the internet and hope it might help induce a spontaneous push to utilize such a concept.


Why do we bother with the extremely complex, costly, computer voting system when computers cannot only be rigged, but there are much more faster, cost-effective, efficient, tamper-proof and above all -ACCURATE- voting methods available? Could it be that those who control the voting system want it extremely expensive, complex and potentially corruptible?

So how about if we consider a simple, inexpensive, non-complex and accurate technique for once? Could it work, or does the concept of voting actually demand that everything be extremely expensive and complex to work efficiently? I think just the opposite. I say, the more simple and transparent the better. So consider this concept, the “poker-chip system.”

It is this simple: All local voting precincts give their voters plastic poker-like chips. The voters voting information is then written onto a paper receipt which is also then engraved onto the chips. The voter then drops the chips into “glass beakers” (i.e. tubes) that are labeled with their favored candidates name. The beakers are under constant video taped surveillance and bare or display calibration marks on the side so the candidates voting score numbers are INSTANTLY displayed for ALL TO WITNESS AT ALL TIMES in real time. Once the poll stations close the tubes or beakers are permanently sealed. It is that simple. No more back room vote counting. No more lock boxes. No more hanging chads. NO MORE CORRUPTION!

After the poll stations close all score numbers are then televised and reported throughout all media outlets for all poll station witnesses to verify. The only discrepancy to this technique is that the voters identity is no longer secret, but then again maybe it’s time to consider things done in secret are normally not so good.

As Joseph Stalin said: “He who casts the votes decides nothing, he who counts them decides everything.” No branch of OUR government has the authority to DICTATE that we utilize a potentially corrupt voting system.

To sum up: Everyone knows, admittedly or not, that voter fraud exists. Everyone knows the computers are being PUSHED ON US because computers don’t leave evidence of fraud. The poker chip technique -applied correctly- is faster, fool proof, cost effective and 100% accurate. So we MUST ask ourselves: If simple, honest voting techniques are available, WHY are they PUSHING a potentially corrupt system on us? We all know why.

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Good idea

but I am sure someone would put the wrong chip in and want it back.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Re: Good Idea

Yes, I agree there would be some minor discrepancies, I guess there is no way around somethings, but I believe this would relieve us of the major ones we now face..........

As far as over coming the putting the wrong chip in and wanting it back, that's one of the things that would need to be decided upon. I think the way to handle that one would be the same way as it is done now. Once submitted, it is final? Dunno, leave that one tooo.............. VOTE? Thanks

I'm all about hand-written ballots or an instant manual talley

voting system. Fu#@ electronic scamming.

Unfortunately, that utilizes waaaaaaaaaaaay too much common sense.

I think common sense has been outlawed or banned in the federal, state, or local gov'ts.

Besides that, I like the idea.

Re: I'm all about hand-written ballots...............

U said it!


I think I'll use that one as a title some time.