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What Happened in 1980?

I started this conversation here, but let's continue it here.


Do you think this has anything to do with Americans' apathy, and why we don't protest? Alex Jones is not kidding when he says "Prison Planet!"

What is your explanation for what happened in 1980?

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Several posts on this thread seemed to agree that this

was due primarily to, or at least in large part by the privitization of the prison system. Probably has a lot to do with it, now when the police are privitized, things can only get worse. See:

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I whole heartedly disagree ...

It is not the privatization ...

It is the fact that the tax payers are paying X for every occupied bed, no ifs ands or buts.

Maybe the prisons should get paid X for violent crimes and Y for non violent crimes as an example.

And have the figures for X and Y be decided by referendum.

And to be honest, the definition of a crime should be revisited again. We have gone way over board. As an example I think a crime should be defined as follows:

A violation of property rights and the perpetrator is not able to satisfy the remedy imposed by a jury of his peers.

All judicial matters must be decided on a civil level and when, and only when, the perpetrator can not satisfy the remedy imposed by a jury of his/her peers, the case should be referred to the criminal courts.

There are so many checks and balances in a system like this, one could privatize the entire prison system and not encounter any abuses.



freakin' right!......dad gum baby boomers ;)

Timing is everything but a coincidence: America's War on Drugs?

This is one of the best 2 part articles that I have ever read...it was a real eye-opener for me. Summarizing would be an injustice, please read it for yourselves. Here are some excerpts to tantalize:

"In Afghanistan, the freedom fighters are the key to peace. We support the Mujahadeen..." (President Ronald Reagan....

The CIA's covert operation was intended to undermine and ultimately destroy the PDPA government, while also curtailing the influence of the Soviet Union in Central Asia. CIA covert support to the Islamic brigades was also instrumental in destroying the foundations of secular civilian government.

From the outset of the Soviet Afghan war in 1979, Pakistan under military rule actively supported the Islamic brigades. In close liaison with the CIA, Pakistan's military intelligence, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), became a powerful organization, a parallel government, wielding tremendous power and influence.

America's covert war in Afghanistan, using Pakistan as a launch pad, was initiated during the Carter administration prior to the Soviet "invasion":

Weapons' shipments "were sent by the Pakistani army and the ISI to rebel camps in the North West Frontier Province near the Afghanistan border. The governor of the province is Lieutenant General Fazle Haq, who [according to Alfred McCoy] . allowed "hundreds of heroin refineries to set up in his province." Beginning around 1982, Pakistani army trucks carrying CIA weapons from Karachi often pick up heroin in Haq’s province and return loaded with heroin. They are protected from police search by ISI papers. (1982-1989: US Turns Blind Eye to BCCI and Pakistani Government Involvement in Heroin Trade See also McCoy, 2003, p. 477) .

Osama bin Laden, America's bogyman, was recruited by the CIA in 1979 at the very outset of the US sponsored jihad. He was 22 years old and was trained in a CIA sponsored guerilla training camp.

During the Reagan administration, Osama, who belonged to the wealthy Saudi Bin Laden family was put in charge of raising money for the Islamic brigades. Numerous charities and foundations were created. The operation was coordinated by Saudi intelligence, headed by Prince Turki al-Faisal, in close liaison with the CIA. The money derived from the various charities were used to finance the recruitment of Mujahieen volunteers............ http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=7746

I would encourage everyone (who hasn't already) to read these two articles. Part one (imho) had some revealing information on the "real threat" from Iran.

Thanks for this!

I especially appreciated seeing the nice big photo of Ronald Reagan meeting with Afghan Mujahideen Commanders in the White House:

Nice Photo:


That alone should be enough to get people interested and reading.

...yet the article only got 1 Digg.

Ron Paul's Convention Speech

War on drugs ramped up.

War on drugs ramped up.

We need concentration camps

If you didn't take care care of your family in Nazi Germany, thats where they put you. And when you got out, that's all you wanted to do, is take care of your family. People were not standing in line to be next like in America.

Oops , wrong website (lol)

In all seriousness people, you can't have you cake and eat it too. Do you really want more unemployed, especially ones just out of jail ?

Reagan was in his first year


This article describes how aggressive Reagan was in his first year, 1980, in criminalizing drugs and getting the Feds all up ramped up to get folks in jail. Blacks were unproportionally targeted, or at least prosecuted and sentenced harder, and could be behind the early rap.

An aquiantance of mine said

An aquaintance of mine said 1980 was around the time when rap music started to take off in popularity. I know he was not really being serious and saying rap music was the sole cause of soaring crime rate, but it is interesting to speculate what the various causes were.

we can't forget the hair bands, either.

they created butt rock, which lead to monster trucks.

#$#We need to build political strength and political will*&*

We need to build political strength and political will.

Me, I blame

"Battlestar 1980".

Was *awful*.



Bad Drug Laws

Bad drug laws were probably in place before the private prisons came along. The private prisons simply took advantage of the bad laws in order to make a profit off the escalating prison population. The prisons more than likey lobby to keep the drug laws on the books.

The real problems are caused by the laws on the books which need to be changed. In order to get rid of the bad laws we would have to elect some different politicians who are in favor of liberty and individual rights like those endorsed by the Campaign for Liberty. Peace!

Wacky Rabbit

Jimmy Carter & his fooling around with the subsidising of European oil supplies...The Brits made out like a bandit....WE took the hit..Life has never returned to any kind of normality since..The SHA was overthrown,also..Russia took up the slack..WE became the World Savior Nation..Spoiled brats became judges after playing policeman..Look at me now..

Even a stopped clock, I suppose.

Right twice a day, so they say.

Of course, mandatory minimums are a bad idea for any crime, since they apply a "one size fits all" approach and override the judge and jury about what punishment is appropriate in an individual case.


"The problem with trying to child-proof the world, is that it makes people neglect the far more important task of world-proofing the child." -- Hugh Daniel

The fact that drug laws got

The fact that drug laws got tougher and the crack bomb went off.

Back in the 80's

Back in the 80's getting tough on drugs was a popular rallying call by the the christian right, and inner-city people who were living with drug related crimes. They pushed for tougher sentences on drug addicts. Unfortunately, for people in the inner cities some of their family members are now in prison. Ron Paul said he was a friend of Reagan, but disagreed with him on this issue and other issues, as well.

The real problem is drug prohibition which leads to crime, gang violence, and higher drug prices. Legalizing drugs is the best answer to the over crowded prisons. Ron Paul gave a good talk on this topic with Steven Baldwin on the Larry King Show.

Privatized prisons

The shift to privatization coalesced in the mid-1980s when three trends converged: The ideological imperatives of the free market; the huge increase in the number of prisoners; and the concomitant increase in imprisonment costs. In the giddy atmosphere of the Reagan years, the argument for the superiority of free enterprise resonated profoundly.

More Prisoners, More Money: This contemporary push to privatize corrections takes place against a socioeconomic background of severe and seemingly intractable crisis. Under the impetus of Reaganite social Darwinism, with its "toughness" on criminal offenders, pris on populations soared through the 1980s and into the 1990s, making the U.S. the unquestioned world leader in jailing its own populace.

While incarceration statistics have skyrocketed, crime rates have increased much more slowly. In fact, from 1975 to 1985, the serious crime rate actually decreased by 1.42 per cent while the number of state and federal prisoners nearly doubled. The number of people sent to prison is actually determined by policy decisions and political expediency.


In short, it all comes down to money. Everything is about money.

It's called a plea deal

In my opinion, it's because a person accepts a plea deal. They
do not want to take responsibility for what they have done so they
accept a lesser crime and pay the piper. If they were to stick it
out and actually face a jury of their peers who have read and hold
a copy of the "citizens rule book" or the bill of rights then they
most likely would either be free or handed the due sentence they
deserve. Of course, that was back in the good old days when the
constitution was actually observed and respected.

1982 Baby Boomers second vote

Those born in 1964 are born into the last year of the Baby Boomer generation, and 1982 was their first year to vote.

Under the cover of "conservative" President Ronald Reagan...

America became a police state. Reagan talked a good story, but he took that pariah George Herbert Walker Bush as his VP. Soon, we had a "war on drugs" greater than anything Richard Nixon imagined. We also had the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression at the end of the Carter years (21% prime interest rate and $900 gold). Once the cancerous Bush family acquired real power, we had our bloodthirsty, oppressive police state. Look at Reagan's record on social issues. He failed to accomplish a single promise he made as a candidate. Like Ron Paul, I was a Reagan admirer; however, unlike Ron Paul, I didn't wake up until 1989 and the Bush abomination was in the White House.

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very well stated...

ghwb is at the core of all of our problems...

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Can someone please explain to me why the ...

following civil matter is being handled in criminal court?


Lindale Golf Club in Clermont County's Monroe Township is billed as "traditional golf at its best," but federal authorities say it was purchased in anything but a traditional way.

A former officer of General Cable Corp., based in Highland Heights, is alleged in a federal indictment to have taken kickbacks used to buy and operate the course.

Sharon Highlander, 45, of Augusta pleaded not guilty this week in U.S. District Court in Covington to one count of wire fraud and two counts of conspiracy to launder money, charges that could send her to prison for up to 20 years.

Highlander, who is free on her own recognizance, couldn't be reached Friday for comment. General Cable fired her in November 2004, according to court records. A spokeswoman for the multinational company that manufactures copper, aluminum and fiber-optic cable declined to comment.

As the chief information officer for the company for about two years, Highlander demanded that an information technology company give her kickbacks in exchange for doing business with General Cable, according to the indictment.

General Cable paid AGEM Enterprises International $3.5 million for technology support while Highlander worked there, according to the indictment.

Federal agents claim AGEM then paid $916,666 to another company to purchase the 18-hole golf course. AGEM transferred another $374,500 to a second company formed to manage the course, according to the indictment.

Highlander and AGEM's owner formed both companies, according to the indictment.

The name of the owner of AGEM was not listed in the indictment and court records didn't indicate who now owns the golf course. The Clermont County Auditor's Office Web site lists the owner as 1805 Linnick Farm Inc.

Highlander "demanded" kickbacks in order for AGEM to continue to do business with General Cable, according to the indictment. It stated the contract between the two was very favorable to AGEM.

Among the services AGEM provided was telephone support, according to the indictment.



READ the Book "The Kennel"

I am embarrassed that it took me 38 years as a Christian to see in God’s Word that prison, as a form of punishment, violates the Bible. Please get a copy of “The Kennel” ($5.00) from Denis Thomas (803-613-1527; dthomas@usa.com) to see the truth about our prison system, and what you can do to help fix it. This book by Elijah Green provides a vivid picture of the problems with the Justice and Prison Systems from an insider’s perspective. Spread the word. Senators and Representatives need to hear from millions in order to affect a change!

- Dr. Kent Hovind

I bought the book; essentially, God only calls for beatings, restitution, or execution - to tear apart families for non-violent crimes - and PROFIT off of it by meeting quotas(fulfilling/collecting BRIBES) and building prisons on leased land owned by elected officials or their friends!

There is a much more CONSTITUTIONAL way to punish evil doers! We need to work to EMPTY these prisons, free the captives, and recruit them, arm them in an act of civil disobedience so they can defend themselves and join the fight for LIBERTY as it is escalating at an alarming rate as we can all hopefully SEE- before we all end up occupying the cells next to them!

Is there too much talk & not enough ACTION on our part!

Sacrifice your creature comforts, and lend your time, talent and treasure to the fight! PLEASE!

John E. Eleniewski

John E. Eleniewski

Mandatory Minimum Sentencing

My Former Rep. Maxine Waters has submitted H.R 1466 that would eliminate mandatory minimums on drug sentences. This would be a good start to turning this chart around.

Ask your Rep. to support.


I looked thru it briefly. seemed very straightforward, just deleting minimums. I'm sure the police, prosecutor, prison lobby will go bonkers fighting this.

Water's is wrong most of the time, but I believe she's right here and was right to oppose the Kelo decision. Both of these issues adversely effect poor minorities more than society as a whole. Hopefully, she will join us in fighting inflation.


The prison industrial complex.. another enemy of the people.

The privatization of our prison system should a topic of discussion. Corporations are making a profit from putting American in prisons.

I wonder if they lobby Washington and the states to change certain laws which allows for more arrests more business for these corporations.




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- John Fitzgerald Kennedy


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Dirk Kempthorne bragged about prisons being a "growth industry"

here in Idaho, before the Bush called him to Mecca to serve at the Master's feet.

Two kinds of people in the world: Those that want left alone, and those that will not leave us alone. Guess who tosses who in prisons.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.