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What Happened in 1980?

I started this conversation here, but let's continue it here.


Do you think this has anything to do with Americans' apathy, and why we don't protest? Alex Jones is not kidding when he says "Prison Planet!"

What is your explanation for what happened in 1980?

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He was not a conservative

At least he did not govern like one. We escaped the nasty recession of 82-83 the traditional Keynesian way, through gov't spending. This lead to his massive triumph in '84 over Mondale, who in many ways was the last real Democratic candidate. We've had an essentially one party state ever since.

My guess is the drug war.

I think that was the time Nancy came out with that whole "just say no" slogan and the anti-drug campaign.

I figure between that and all the protests and demonstrations over gay rights, nuclear energy, seat belts and helmet laws, Michael Jackson's music and every other damn thing the kids at Berkley could think of, I imagine it chocked the jails full pretty fast.


most libertarian neanderthals still believe incarceration is a humane and effective form of punishment.

Our civilization will soon confront the reality that fortresses are a less costly alternative to prisons and standing armies - just as we did 1,500 years ago.

Is this when

D.A.R.E and the war on drugs began> Im curious how many are non violent offenders... id be surprised to see data that shows that kind of increase in violent crimes alone.