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Video: Health Department says gas-infused (flaming) water safe to drink

Health Department says gas-infused water safe to drink

DENVER - The State Health Department says natural gas in a Fort Lupton family's tape water is safe to drink. Spokesman Steve Gunderson says tests show the levels of chemicals in the water do not pose any danger in terms of drinking it, or using it for cooking or washing clothes. However, he says there is a ral danger of the gas building up and causing an explosion.

There are 38,000 oil and gas wells in Colorado. Gunderson says there have been other instances where the drinking water became contaminated with natural gas. He says in one case in southern Colorado, the gas caused and explosion and destroyed the home.

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Test results on flammable water reveal dangerous chemicals

UPDATE: Test results on flammable water reveal dangerous chemicals

FORT LUPTON, Colo. - We now know what's in the water at one home in Fort Lupton, Colorado that's causing to flare up with just a flick of a lighter.

Methane, Propane, Ethane, Butane and Pentane, just to name a few.

FOX 31 Doctor John Torres analyzed the tests results on Amee and Jesse Ellsworth well water and determined the petroleum products in their water far exceeding safe levels.

"I would say do not drink this water, stay away from this water."
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