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Video: GVSU Students protest officer involved shooting

West Olive(WZZM)- Some G-V-S-U students are demanding answers from the Ottawa County sheriff's department in protest of an officer involved shooting.

The students are angry over the off-campus shooting of 20-year old Derek Copp last week. Investigators confirm the student was un-armed.

Monday afternoon, the students met outside the sheriff's department yelling "We want the truth, we want the truth".

Fermin Valle says, "As every day goes on there's more and more concern." Valle and the other protestors want to know why Copp was shot when officers raided his apartment. Vanessa Crowley says, "Because all Derek did was raise his arm to cover his eyes. And they thought this was threatening enough to shoot him in the chest."

Investigators say the narcotics team was in the process of serving a search warrant for an on-going investigation. They won't say what prompted the officer to shoot.

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