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Canada launches BE PREPARED 72hrs.

Know the risks
Canada is a vast country with extreme weather conditions and dramatic geological features. With its size, weather patterns and varied regions come several natural hazards. Learn about the natural hazards of your country and your region. More importantly, learn how to prepare for them – a natural hazard need not be a natural disaster. Being prepared can make a world of difference.

On this website, you will find practical information on how to take care of yourself and your family before, during and after an emergency. Learn how to prepare for emergencies caused by natural hazards, and find specific instructions on how to protect yourself and your loved ones in case your region is affected. Read about natural hazard facts and discover where natural hazards can occur in Canada.

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you have to wonder....

what do our gov'ts know that we don't know? hmmm....

if ramtha's forecast is accurate ... it ain't pretty.


ever wonder why obama's got the mandatory volunteerism thing going on?

After 9/11

the US set up a national alert system...
Epic Fail

March 20, 2009

* The United States government's national threat level is Elevated, or Yellow.

Thanks brah. This is really

Thanks brah. This is really useful.