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Thousands Rally Against Stimulus Plan At ‘Orlando Tea Party’

Saturday, March 21, 2009 1:44:00 PM

ORLANDO -- Thousands gathered at the amphitheater along Lake Eola for a Boston Tea Party-style protest against President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan.

Police estimated about 3,000 people attended the rally against what some of them called "taxation without deliberation."

Protesters said they felt the multi-billion dollar stimulus package will not do enough to help stimulate the economy, and that the bill was rushed though before most lawmakers even had the chance to read it.

A media release announcing the event said the rally's aim was to show politicians that they were tired of bailouts and "wasteful Washington spending."

Police said there have been no problems at the rally.


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good to see
peace patriot*)

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It's good to learn about

It's good to learn about this. Thanks for sharing.


And the crowds begin

to thunder.

Nice turnout. Thanx for sharing :)

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