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How much larger must the RP movement be to bring about change - 5, 10, or 20 times larger?

The latest estimate of RP supporters that I have seen is somewhere around 2 million. In an effort to measure our progress as well as know how far we have to go, it's good to have an idea of where we stand.

So the question is - How much larger must the RP movement be to bring about change - 5, 10, or 20 times larger?

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choose your battles wisely

it doesn't matter how big the movement is until we get people elected in the right positions.

congressmen like barney frank need to be replaced with an RP'er, other congressmen who are in charge of these large committees, who have the real power, need a concentrated effort to defeat them and elect our own kind.

people like david obey, D-WI, head of the appropriations committee, along with ike skelton, D-MO, john spratt, D-SC, bennie thompson, D-MS, silvestre reyes, D-TX, howard berman, D-CA, gary ackerman, D-NY, brad sherman, D-CA, charles rangel, D-NY, just to name a few.

these people are all democrats, to be sure, but democrats only control the committees because they happen to control the majority. there are plenty of republican ranking committee members that will need to be beaten in primaries as well.

what C4L needs is more than just informing the public. it needs a real strategy and a real hit list of people we're going after. if we concentrate all our efforts in specific campaigns to knock off the real offenders, we can get these old lifer dinosaurs out of congress and put some new blood in there.

i would recommend we start with trying to beat the guys in the budget committees.

we need to match the other big grassroots organizations

Dailypaul must equal dailykos

Campaign for liberty much match ACORN

Now where the tipping point is, I don't know.

i've heard 10% of the population.

it would nice to have the 100th monkey effect happen.

i don't know the math from that research though.