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NPR Poll - Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney. You know what to do!

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Only 6 Republicans did not support the invasion of Iraq:

6 of 223 Republican Representatives voted against the resolution: Reps. Duncan (R-TN), Hostettler (R-IN), Houghton (R-NY), Leach (R-IA), Morella (R-MD), Paul (R-TX)


All the other idiots followed President Bush's lead blindly to violate the Constitution.

Ron Paul's Convention Speech

the 6

Are any of them fairly conservative like Paul or all they speudo liberals?

Actually Only One is Left!

John Duncan, State: TN 81%

And he votes against the Constitution, 19% of the time!

Ron Paul's Convention Speech

primary challenges

Can we have primary challenges for the other 173 or however many there are left?

Good info

We need a "Liberty/Constitution Scorecard" for elected federal officials.


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

Amen to that

Far too often we go along without doing the research and then we help promote guys who are part of the problem. I know we seldom get a 100% guy, but the guys who are there 99% deserve our support - not guys like Cantor, Ryan and other pretenders.

bump this baby

keep it going


A title change might be in order

Ron Paul vs. Jon Huntsman

Jim DeMint needs some help right now.

He is not Mark Sanford but he is a decent SC politician. Far better than Pawlenty! Lets get him to the final 4.

Romney supporters want revenge: Huntsman might win.

I still think Huntsman might win this round because we've seen the type of numbers that Romney supporters can put up on the board. They were 10,000 votes an hour or more when they launched their sneak attack on the 29th just before midnight.

It took Paulites a long time to respond so if we wait and allow that to happen again, the Romney supporters will get the last word again.

There is no doubt they now have a grudge against the Paulites and want revenge.

I am from Wisconsin and Paul

I am from Wisconsin and Paul Ryan looks like a future party leader without a doubt. Last year he was headlines in Wisco for his introduction of legislation that would cut many taxes including income and business taxes, as well privatize social security, and set up health care accounts instead of nationalization. He is a solid republican although not Ron Paul status...look for him in the future.

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is a TARPer. He gave house speeches demanding the republicans vote for it.

He wants to parasite into the republican leadership that's why he does what they tell him. I think even Pence is better.

After a Little Research I Would Recommend Voting For:

Mike Pence

Jim DeMint

Ron Paul

Mark Sanford

Coincidently, those are all the choices listed first.

At least this poll was good for me, in that it caused me to look into all these Republicans a little deeper than what the media gives us.

Ron Paul's Convention Speech

What a Coincidence

Those are the candidates I voted for in Round Three anyway. I guess great minds think alike... The "Elite Eight" is looking more promising as the tournament goes on.

As for Charlie Crist, His Speech at Governors Association;

"Our nation's democracy is a shining example of freedom and hope, admired throughout the world for its peaceful transition from one leader to another. We as Republican governors must focus on service to the people — and we must do so without regard to politics. America has spoken, and elected Sen. Obama our next president.

The message of this election is clear. The people want leaders who will work together to solve the difficult problems facing our nation. While he was not my candidate, Sen. Obama is now my president and he has my support. While we may disagree on issues both foreign and domestic, there is far more that unites us than divides us."


Ron Paul's Convention Speech

"Our nation's democracy is a shining example

BZZZZZZTTT-------lost me on word 3.


I think those four are the best too.

Let's try to keep those other races even.

Vote for whoever is behind so no potential adversary appears to be very popular. At this point that would be Pence, Demint, and Crist.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Why are people voting for Pawlenty?

It was in his state where he created a police state of 3000 storm trooper police and busloads of Army soldiers at the Republican Convention:


Ron Paul's Convention Speech

It was such a lose/lose

It was such a lose/lose there.

Ventura 2012

Beats me.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

1.4 million votes

Anyone know how all these votes affect the Alexa data for web traffic etc?

How does Alexa treat traffic from the same ip address (tha hide my ass site etc)

Basically, I'm just curious how this helps NPRs traffic or not.

OK I'm definitely not voting for Paul Ryan, Look at This:

He was the Economic Advisor/Speechwriter for United States Drug Czar Bill Bennett. Bennett became director of the Office of National Drug Policy ("Drug Czar") in 1989. In otherwords Paul Ryan helped this guy with the disaster that has become the War on Drugs. Bill Bennett was also the Secretary of Education.

Bill Bennett:


Paul Ryan:


Mike Pence:


Ron Paul's Convention Speech

ROUND 3 BEGINS..... and

ROUND 3 BEGINS..... and ends the 1st of April... Bet they give us an April Fools joke...


The Whole Poll is an April Fools Joke

I hope Ron Paul gets another million votes to prove how stupid the government funded NPR is.

They already smeared Ron Paul with their little "poll" article anyway. And I'm sure they would have done so whether he won or lost.

Ron Paul's Convention Speech

Comparing DeMint to McCain;

A little off topic, but...

When comparing the voting of DeMint to McCain, notice how often John McCain abstains from voting! This just reinforces what a political farce McCain is:


Ron Paul's Convention Speech