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NPR Poll - Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney. You know what to do!

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If they want people to only vote once,

Then they should make it impossible to do so. The technology to do this is cheap and easy. Just make people log in with an email address. No one is going to keep making new email addresses all day just to juice up some stupid National Proletariat Radio poll.

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave."

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave."

Well, we won if that means anything....

Too bad it was by cheating... and yes, I know the Romney people were cheating first... but do two wrongs make a right? Just look at the criticism we got as a result of winning this poll? The poll holder is criticizing us, and everyone thinks only the Paul supporters cheated.

I would urge everyone, if you continue to participate in this poll do it honestly and only vote ONCE. If we lose, so what? It's an internet poll... from NPR.... and it's 3 years in advance... in other words, it's totally irrelevant/meaningless/a farce.

So, if you continue to vote in the following rounds, just do it once... the total shouldn't be above 50,000 votes tops.

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this was a lose-lose situation for us...

in the fact that, even if romney had won the round the story line would have been, "romney edges paul in spite of paul legions' cheating"...nothing will be said of what it took for romney to climb back ahead of paul from being down some 40,000 votes and making up that lost ground in, what, less than 24 hours!?

we get accused of cheating no matter which side of the poll we end up on but we should be used to that by now...we will always be marginalized like this until we take back our government and those that control the mass media and place them in the hands of "free" thinking people...people who are not "owned" by tptb but, rather, place liberty above meal ticket...

O Captain, My Captain, rise up and hear the bells!

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i agree. i stayed out of it until the 40,000 vote spree by rom.

if you build it he will come..........Ron Paul 2012.
digg http://digg.com/autos/First_Genuine_Chevy_Volt_to_be_Complet...

if you build it he will come..........Ron Paul 2012.
digg http://digg.com/autos/First_Genuine_Chevy_Volt_to_be_Complet...

I liken it to the Straw Polls

Where Mitt paid his people to buy multiple voting tickets to stack the polls in his favor over all the Ron Paul people who spent their own dough to show up and only vote once. I for instance only voted twice. Once on my computer at work and then again on my computer at home. Is that still cheating? Maybe. But what I see is something more important here. I see a true grass roots fire where one supporter of Ron Paul has the same energy and drive as at least 10 Mitt supporters because we have real principles to believe in.

I say we win the online polls and force NPR to report on it. Because after all the efforts made to marginalize RP and his supporters, they need to know that we are hear and that our numbers are growing. And that any stupid attempt to raise some lame soul-less face politician should be challenged.

And also let us not forget that any one of these politicians would sell their own children and maybe a few organs to get this kind of support.

what bothers me most is the

what bothers me most is the bad reputation it gives us... people don't recognize that everyone was doing it, and they just single us out. Additionally, it confuses people and gives them a false sense of our strength... 700-800,000+ people did not vote in support of Ron Paul.... it was probably less than 30,000....

I disagree

There are alot of Paul supporters that dont post but come here daily (no pun intended) but do not post. I was one for over a year!!!

I also sent out an email to my friends asking for their vote in the poll and asked them to forward it. Im sure Im not alone.

It sucks all the way around. If we win, we get called cheaters, if we lose, its ammunition for the other guy. Does anybody think there is anything fair in the political process?

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I don't buy that.

Isn't that still less than the total number of people that voted for Ron Paul in the primaries? Isn't Ron Paul's styled platform to support the Constitution (and tendency to accurately predict future consiquences) and not just Ron Paul responsible for it existing well beyond the election and keeps the existing infrustructure for support nearly perfectly entact and growing? Isn't it also a crap load of people who don't want Mitt to win who voted against him just to get rid of him?

If I am not to down McCain for making it to the Presidential election after all the media rigging, then they have no business downing us because we we are only a factor in RP winning this small and nearly meaningless poll. Looking at the bigger picture I take offense to you saying we look bad because Ron Paul won. Because that says that in the back of your mind, you don't ever think Ron Paul can win and if he does, there must be something wrong about it.

yes, Ron Paul garnered

yes, Ron Paul garnered around 1.3-1.5 million votes.... but do you honestly believe that 800,000 of those/800,000 individuals voted in this NPR poll? Yes, he's very popular and has a lot of dedicated support... but no way did a majority of his supporters know about this poll....

Name a Canidate who's supporters are more dedicated

than Ron Paul's. And again, perhaps there was some revoting but I still think a very large portion came from an anti-Mitt contingency made up of all the other canidate supporters. It's the same reason why all the other "top tier" canidates lost. We get the majority, then the rest come from everywhere else.

And the beauty is that we did it on our own, and it not having to be paid for by Ron Paul or his campaign.

Another funny thing is the Giuliani isn't on the list. Hopefully he still gets nightmares about Ron Paul supporters showing up at all his events.

NPR is a joke anyways. The

NPR is a joke anyways. The only ones they talked about during the primaries are the same ones who didn't see the economic crash coming and had absolutely no answers to the problems. They are part of the reason why America isn't informed on the real issues. They rarely ever talk about the Federal Reserve and only had keynesian economists rant about how we need all this government intervention. They have been cheating the American people out of real information so I don't care if they feel a little cheated by our ability to use technical knowledge to further a freedom agenda.


We won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Round 3 starts

Round 3 starts now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wouldn't it look better

if everyone voted on every match, otherwise it looks like(LOL) we are just loading up.

This is beautiful. A great

This is beautiful. A great battle will rage between Ron and Crist after the next round simply because the choice is narrowing. A special note.... Look at the total number of votes cast. 1.3 Million in the RP/MR race Crist/jindel had under 50,000.... And the Rep are tryin g to force Jindel on the sheep.. hahahahahaaaa....

Another Note... This does indicate that many Dems may be willing to switch and vote for Ron if he runs. Playing Devils advocate, it could also mean that the Dems are skewing the vote for RP. I highly doubt the later though

Place/race/total votes

1st/ RP race / 1.3 million
2nd/ Palin Pence/ 134,000
3rd/ Huck Demint/ 110,000
all other -100,000


read this

read this :0

btw, I don't know how to macro and don't want to. Why is anyone taking this poll seriously? Having said that, this sure is entertaining. Also, have you been to www.committedtoromney.com ? They have a cool chat thing and a civil debate has actually been going on over there. There is no reason why we can't debate the war. Just be nice and agree to disagree. And no, I don't want to vote for Romney. I just think the GOP must admit we are allowed to debate foreign policy without being called unAmerican!

Glad to see DeMint and Sanford Winning Too

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Other Perspectives on Net, Huckabee Supporters at HucksArmy.com

I was reading some of the other forums, and it's actually pretty interesting. What if all the other Republicans could actually follow the Constitution like Ron Paul, what a force we could be instead of attacking each other. What if both Democrats and Republicans followed the Constitution? That's a funny idea.

Most the Huckabee supporters seem like good people and I'm sure they are. They are just not really aware of everything that is going on in the country. I don't think they research issues very deeply and are mostly default Republicans. They probably rely on TV, newspapers, and radio for most their news and information - so you can't really blame them.

Anyway, apparently Huckabee supporters were also voting for Ron Paul because they want to eliminate Romney. But they probably should have been focusing more on their own guy;

"Notice that Romney will face Paul in round 2....that will be our chance to get Romney out." - davidblp, Meetup Coordinator, hucksarmy.com

"Tactically, I think it makes most sense to vote against the major players in the early rounds hoping to pick one off." - noser3, hucksarmy.com

They also notice the unfair brackets and how to inflate votes;

"I think Huck's position in the brackets i very good. He doesn't have to go against Paul, Palin, or Mitt until at least the semis. Its grand. Although I think you can vote more than once on this poll by clearing one's browsers cookies." - davidblp, Meetup Coordinator, hucksarmy.com

I am going to learn how to create these macros if it is the last thing I do. As I said, it isn't cheating when everyone else is doing it except you!!! You just become the guy who can't compete. It may be a useless poll, but the other two forefront runners (Romney and Palin) are heavily competing with both guns blazing. voter, hucksarmy.com

And they have their analysis too;

"When the Romney voters vote for their guy, they also vote for Demint (to push Mike's numbers down) and for Mike Pence (to pull Sarah down). It is quite obvious that as soon as Romney's votes rise, Mike and Sarah tumble. The Ron Paul voters only go after Romney -- no one else -- which makes sense, because Paul is matched against Romney. If anything, I think that now, when the Paul voters come back at Romney, they try to push Sarah and Mike back up -- probably because they have guessed the Rombats' spiteful game and are spitting them back." - voter, hucksarmy.com

It's pretty interesting to read, if for no other reason than to see another perspective.


I'm sure many Huckabee supporters could be Ron Paul supporters, if they read and understood the Constitution. But how do we get them to do that? The biggest difference is that they seem to have been tricked by Neo Conservatives into believing in pre-emptive wars and invasion and that undeclared wars are not only not illegal, but the right thing to do. And, of course, they probably have no idea about the Federal Reserve, but that is a common issue, even among congressmen.

Alas, I suppose that's not much different from most Americans still relying on mainstream media.

Ron Paul's Convention Speech


They just don't get live and let live.

I believe their "Constitution"

is the Bible.

Yes, we've seen how the neo-conservatives hijacked the religious right after 9/11.

The Huckabee crowd and the Ron Paul crowd do often overlap in a lot of areas. However not everyone will take their time to truly understand the history and reasoning behind the Constitution so I think the best way to reach out to their camp is to set moral examples. Not only does the revolution needs patriots and defenders of freedom, but also inspiration spiritual leaders who preach the powerful message of love, liberty, and peace!

And after reading their forum... I pictured them sitting on the sidelines sipping a can of beer and watching us go wild over the internet haha

For the Record, 0515 GMT;

Mitt Romney 29%
Ron Paul 70%

Total Votes: 1,292,534

Ron Paul's Convention Speech


516610 votes ahead...


every time I look, they have changed places!! Palin keeps changing places also.


Congressman Paul is currently winning with 70% of the votes against Romney, out of a total of 1,287,452 votes! I guess it's safe to say that Rep. Paul is no longer losing to Mitt Romney.

Here we go again. Now Romney is starting to catch up again.

He just went up 1%

This is the same thing that happened yesterday. At some point Romney just started gaining really quickly and after a half day it was Romney in the 60% range and Paul down to the 30% range.

It looks like Romney just bought some more computers. Don't be surprised if tomorrow the numbers are completely reversed. I've seen it happen twice already.

Ron Paul's Convention Speech

Macro'ing Sanford

Someone is macro'ing Sanford. Not that it matters that much, but I thought I'd point that out. He's gone down 10% or so in the last hour.

I dunno, maybe it does

I dunno, maybe it does matter. They can point to that as say "see, it must be all the Paulites because the two libertarians are macro'd"

Ventura 2012

I can't believe Charlie Crist is doing....

so well. That guy is the biggest "flake" in politics. I hear Chris Dodd is in the fight of his life to continue his ongoing usurpation in the senate again.
We should have a money bomb for "billboards" to expose this criminal.

it's not so much Christ

It's that bobby jindal is the next puppet the gop is trying to prop up as the next ronald reagan.