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NPR Poll - Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney. You know what to do!

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Someone was making a graph of this slugfest. I really wanna see the newest one.

Unfair Polls By Design?

Surely the web designers at NPR and Time were fully aware of how easily their polls could be distorted? It's such an obvious flaw.

It would make sense that it was by design - government drones like Time and NPR know Romney and the others are more "mainstream" media candidates, so they may design the polls so that it's easy for the masses to repeatedly vote, rather than limiting it to one vote per computer and having a more fair vote. They must have been counting on the programed masses to flood the polls with votes unfairly.

So here we are having a "hacking" war for the popularity of presidential candidates.

It's quite scary how close The Matrix theme shadows our real life situation.

Ron Paul's Convention Speech


Heh, it would be amusing if the NPR poll was more accurate than the Diebold machines.

Who do you really think Ron Paul is?

As far as Ron Paul's position or anybodies position of 9/11 I think there are more questions that have not been sufficently examined in an official public forum to make an opened and closed case for the events of that day. Just like the finacial debogle that is going on now, the rush to judgement about the cause and steps that need to be taken are stimied by political agendas and resistence to them overtly and covertly.

Ron Paul seems to always think consistently and logically on many of the important issues of our time. He is not willing to make moral compromise for political gain like most all other politicians today; this causes decent from his peers as well as the general population when he is not agreeing to what ever it is they want to hear.

Many of his political positions contradict the accepted status quo ideas.
How can his political ideaology succeed if it is batteling on all fronts in a political arena? Most people, neither like to be told they are doing things wrong nor told what they should be doing - that is human nature if we are rightfully free and equal. A dilemma shrouds Ron Paul today. If he is to gain any political clout in our nation, outside of willy nilly followers with no political power, he has to agree more with what his peers have been doing. I'd like to see him pull that off to the satisfaction of justice for all or game over for RP.

What the main stream media is doing to RP is turning him into a rodeo clown distraction for the main stream bull. This makes it difficult to pursue any voice of Constitutional Reason that is audibly distinguishable over selfish connivery for power.

and then you die

teh Rodent Hunter Surge continues

31% Mitt Romney (200493)
68% Ron Paul (445890)

total 646,383

There are people here who don't know what macros are.

They are programs that you can set to do repetitive tasks such as clearing the "cookies" that online polls place on your computer that keep you from voting more than once. You can add actions that include clicking on a link such as an online poll, then voting in that poll, then clicking the back arrow.

First the macro's Start button is clicked, then the desired sequence is programmed, then the Stop button is clicked, then a "trigger" is added such as one that activates the macro at a given interval (one minute, ten minutes, every second, etc.) You can add additional triggers that fire every hour/minute/second, whatever you select. As soon as you OK the trigger or assortment of triggers the macro begins working.

There are macro programs available online including this one that is downloadable for trial: http://www.winautomation.com/

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


What's wrong with imacro?

I plead ignorance.

is that another macro program?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Now its Dr Paul 69-30

with 634468 votes. It will take at least 1 million total votes to pass Dr Paul.

how the hell

did 400,000 people vote in one day!!! Wasn't it at like 160,000 yesterday

spamming with macros from

spamming with macros from both sides.... basically, people on both sides cheated.

Maybe Next Time NPR & Time Will Wise Up and Have Fair Polls!

Idiots - or is it by design for the benefit of the programed masses?

Ron Paul's Convention Speech

how the hell

did 400,000 people vote in one day!!! Wasn't it

Rodent Hunter SURGE!

Ya he's gaining fast now

Mitt Romney 30%
Ron Paul 69%


Mitt has refired up the spam bots

Dr Paul had a lead of 71-28 % with 598700 votes . now it is 70-29 % at 601000 going to be a long day

As long as you're running macros

try to even up the other races. You may despise Meg Whitman and Jeb Bush but it helps to have those races more even.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

As of 10:35am today, the total votes cast, between Romney

and Dr. Paul, were: 582,223.....with Dr. Paul at over 70%. Compare that number of votes (582,223) with the numbers in any other category. No other match-up even comes close. Once again, the superior internet capabilities of Dr. Paul's supporters is demonstrated. :)
"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

It demonstrates that Paul supporters like to look for polls

to answer more than Romney supporters are seeking out polls to answer. It shows that Paul supporters are more activist. This is great for getting his name out, but unfortunately it's not a scientifically valid poll.


9/11 was "blowback," not an inside job. -Dr. Paul's position. The Federal Reserve is "a fourth branch of government," not private enterprise. - Dr. Paul's position. How about we start listening to him?

The Fed is not a private bank. PRIVATIZE THE FED!!!
"The Federal Reserve Banks should simply be regarded as governmental agencies." -Murray Rothbard
"I now call the Federal Reserve the fourth branch of government." -Ron Paul

Actually, I'm not sure it

Actually, I'm not sure it proves that we are more activist. The changes in the numbers seem to reflect time zone differences. Romney is getting 20-30% bumps in the early morning hours on the East Coast aka late night in the West .

Ventura 2012

I voted...

I just voted, and RP was ahead at 70%. :)

This harms our cause.

Nothing good comes of this. Already it has gone way too far.

Just stop. Maybe it the result of one or two aberrent spambots.

all I know is at midnight

all I know is at midnight last night, paul was at 49 and mitt had 50%. this is hilarious. Half a million votes? lol!

you cheaters are pathetic

Most of my affection for Ron Paul and his freedom message is based on principles. Morality. You cheaters are pathetic.

I was at the Florida straw poll

and watched with my own eyes as an event dominated by Ron Paul supporters was stolen by a hand full of Romney supporters voting repeatedly. It's hard to maintain principles when your opponents have none.

Go work for Diebold.

I hear they're hiring

Go vote on Diebold.

Go vote on Diebold.

Ventura 2012

If you are going to cheat for RP

at least make another macro to have Mike Pence beat Sarah Palin.


Who Wins?
Mitt Romney 49%
Ron Paul 50%

Total Votes: 260,931


OK I have my mac going at about 10 votes per second...but my PC won't acknowledge the "Clear" line without an error so I can't figure out how to fix that problem.

Any ideas?

I want both computers rolling.