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23 Tools To Brainwash and Influence People Through Media

The tools the MSM are using against our guy.


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Human beings are far more than this

If this brainwashing worked we would have been wrapped up after the second world war.

Yes, they plug along using these techniques to get us all to be zombies.
Yes a small percentage of humanity is zombielike, but only part of the time.

The issue is that intellectual, structural, rational approaches when used to control humans completely ignore emotion/intuition. I call your attention to the USSR and the socialist/intellectual approach to controlling people and it's abject failure.

These "people" that you think are going to take over humanity are unable to master emotion. Feelings are "unmasterable" and represent your and my connection to the creator. Control is but an illusion and the "23 steps to brainwashing" is just another failed attempt by the intellectuals to define God and Love and control it....talk about lost causes.

Nothing can "get control" of the infinitely expanding, creative world of human emotion. Hang out with some little kids sometime.

Besides, zombies su%$ they are always just wandering around and bumping into things...what a drag.

Why do you think is says "rEVOLution"?





Human beings SHOULD be far more than this.

There's a lot of variation in our population, and I'd love to believe that the big bump in the middle of the bell curve contained free thinkers who valued individual liberty so much that they accepted the work and discipline of individual responsibility.

Back on Earth...


thankyou-this will also help end some in-fighting in these forums,too,i personally hope.