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WV Paul supporters is this a Revolution or a Protest vote

In WV, you must be registered republican by Nov 30th to vote for delegates to the state convention.

All info on registering for the primary vote and to be a delegate go to www.ronpaulwv.com

Here are the latest numbers as I counted, feel free to double check me:

Mitt Romney 44
Fred Thomspon 40
Ron Paul 38
Rudy Guiliani 36

We are 6 delegates away from Romney!

What is holding you back from being a part of the REVOLUTION and registering as a delegate?

If you can't stomach being registered Republican, is it worse than seeing Guiliani/Romney/Thompson against Hillary or Obama?
Ron Paul laid his chips on the Republican side, if you're in, you have to ante up. It's now or never. We have a shot at this. But not without each and every single one of you and every single person you can convince between now and the end of next week to join us in a REVOLUTION this country has never seen before!

If it's the $25 fee, I ask you what is the price you would pay to restore the Constitution?
Is the Constituion not worth a night at the movies for two (not inlcuding dinner)?
Is your freedom worth the price of a dinner in a non-fast food restaurant for two(without the movie)?
A used video game?
A case of beer?
A round of golf?
A half a tank of gas?

I am not a rich man, if I was I'd pay everyone's fee myself. But this is not the Romney campaign. We are not a slogan, a focus group vetted 52% majority, or a movement based on class warfare. Freedom isn't free. In WV, freedom costs $25 made out to the WVGOP. I wish there was another way, there isn't.

If it's the distance, can't get to Charleston on Feb 5th should we win, let me know. We have people dispersed out pretty well thoughout the state, we'll find a way.

This can be done, but the time is now. Easy to follow Instructions are now on a website, http://www.ronpaulwv.com/

For Freedom. For the Constitution. For our children growing up without fear of enemy unseen and everchanging.

Will you stand with the 38?

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2/3 of the delegate spots are open.

Over 200 slots for delegates are open. How can we let this golden opportunity slip by? Come on people!! what good it is winning the popular vote and not having any delegates. Jump on this, http://www.ronpaulwv.com

If you can afford the fee

If you can afford the fee but will become a delegate, I am willing to front the cost. We need a BIG win in WV.

I think we have another 10

I think we have another 10 to 15 that should appear on the list early next week, and we're doing delegate registration receptions around the state, it's possible, but only if everyone gets off their butts.

so close, i hope this happens.

ron paul 2008

if you build it he will come..........Ron Paul 2012.
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