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Mass MSM protest

I just thought of an idea. What if a ton of Ron Paul supporters protested in a giant march in front of CNN headquarters for not covering RP enough, or MSNBC? Do you think it would be effective? Should we do it?

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Keep the money coming in...

If you want the MSM to continue to give Ron attention, we need to make the next money bomb bigger than the 1st. Don't let the MSM claim that Ron's support has fizzled out, because that's exactly what they'll say if he doesn't raise more this time out.

One thing to note... If we can get $5 million or more in the next money bomb (with Ron already at $9 million so far), he has a real chance to outraise ALL of the other Republican candidates for Q4. THAT would be the real story that would elevate him to instant 1st tier status.

If you want MSM coverage

If you want MSM coverage protest by selling things you don't really need.
Then on Dec 16th give all you can.

Can you imagine if we do 10 mil plus how much coverage we will get?

Just think about the people watching the T.V. They will be like WTF!!! is going on here!

Huckabee was'nt doing well until the MSM felt threatened by our huge NOv 5th donation. If anyone noticed after that they started saying well Huckabee is gaining some steam and they kept talking about and we all sit here and watch him rise in the polls.

Just like McCain they started talking about him coming back and sure enough soon after his ratings rised.

Most of these polls are being raised because the media starts jumping on candidates bandwagons.

Look at the NOV 5th media coverage that propelled Paul from 2% to 7 or 8%.

It goes on and on with Hilary and Obama too.

Can you imagine the fuss that will be given by a 10+ mil DEC 16th?

It must be region and nationwide to work.

Ron Paul 2008, Join or Die!



From a man that should know!

"Never make enemies with people who buy ink by the barrel."

Bill Clinton

Bad timing

I thought MSM coverage improved a lot after Dr Paul's Nov 5 fundraising record, in quantity and quality. Why protest now?

It's never going to be perfect, for Ron Paul or any other candidate. It was much worse until October when $5M+ in third quarter fundraising produced the first coverage boost for Dr. Paul.

Isn't the goal here to get Ron Paul elected? How does media bashing accomplish that?

As others have said, it's sort of like suing a lawyer, or I'd say even like an average person confronting someone with a gun when that average person is unarmed. Not too smart, and quite likely to backfire since the other side has all the ammo.

(One possible exception: If you can demonstrate by a thorough review of clips that a particular news media outlet has unfairly attacked or ignored Dr Paul, targeting that particular outlet might make some sense. I doubt CNN qualifies now, given the warmer welcome by Wolfe Blitzer, but if you have a good case and argue with passion rather than profanity, a competing media outlet might take notice in favorable way. If your case is weak, tho, that approach could backfire too if the source you choose reports it as weak.)

Regional MSM Protests; YES Pick the worse local station.

Ron Paul 2008, Join or Die!



Why the media hates Ron Paul

Getting out and informing people face to face or mail is best.

Also, it is easy to expose the censuring and lies. There are so many videos on youtube. search Fox Reporters Expose

Send that around and this article is very good.
Most people when they find out how corrupt the media is will also boycott and vote for Ron PAul.


protesting MSM is not a good idea

Since they have the power to report on it as they see fit.

look at the TV networks as damaged, and route around them.

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It's kinda like...

sueing a lawyer... never a good idea...

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

good idea

im glad you weren't suggesting to protest newspapers, since we just paid them.

All Politics is Local

This was supposed to be a reply to the comment below it.

I agree completely. It would be much better for Ron Paul supporters to be canvasing their neighborhoods or passing out flyers at super markets, etc. Big events only preach to the choir. Door to door, personal contact is the best.


Thank you.

Thank you.

I completely understand the

I completely understand the feeling, but the Fourth Estate will never embrace Ron Paul. It's part of the problem. Let's not run the campaign on reactions and complaints. We don't have much time left, and we need to get busy with neighborhood canvassing; that's how we're going to win this. Ron Paul "localism" is our most powerful weapon.

Then again, I'm all for the "live and let live" philosophy, so if you feel strongly about it, I'm behind you.

I doubt it...

boycotts are MUCH more effective, that will hit them where it hurts.


...make them make themselves a fool AND canvas the neighbors