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Republican Primaries Predicition for Ron Paul

Predicitions for Ron Paul

Iowa - 3rd

New Hampshire - 1st

South Carolina - 1st

Nevada - 1st

Utah - 2nd

Florida - 2nd

Montana - 1st

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They Heard of Him Here

On the central coast of Ca, there are Ron Paul signs with flags everywhere on telephone poles.. we put them up in the middle of the night. 300 so far, and another 400 on order for this friday. My only point is that make sure everyone in your town knows who he is.

I know its working because in the last month, our relatively small area has more google ron paul hits than any city in california. Plus, its kind of fun going out with grown men sneaking around putting up signs on telephone poles.

My nephew goes to Cal Poly

My nephew goes to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and he says there's Ron Paul stuff all over the campus. Cool.

Good to see this post

Glad to see everything is locked up. No need for me to get to the polls on the 29th. More time for Halo 3.


Sure would like to see this happen.

SC 1st?!

First is impossible for RP in the deep south. we should be happy with 5th place, there.

South Carolina the deep

South Carolina the deep south?


Okay, howabout the 3rd party hating, war loving, welfare wastin', fundamentalist Christian south?

wow - 90% of the people I

wow - 90% of the people I meet have no clue who Ron Paul is. NH is the only state I think he's doing okay in.

He won't stand a chance unless we:

1. Knock on doors
2. Hand out slim jims
3. Call
4. Engage voters face to face

However, it's so much easier to blog and use your credit card :)

Picking up USA Today in Hotel

I really had fun today. Stopped in the Holiday Inn and asked for todays USA Today. They had one copy un the counter. So I oppened newspaper to the Add and explained to the clerk (guy in early 20's) what it was about. He never heard about Ron Paul. So then I gave him some slim jims and a few DVD's.
By that time the night manager and another employee stopped by the counter and manager totally knew about Ron Paul so we had a short conversation about the latest news. Meanwhile the clerk went to the back room and brought me 10 copies of newspaper!!!

And all three of them were very excited espessially abount the No Tax on Tips. I will print some of those flyers and drop them by in all hotels now.
That was FUN!!!