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The Ron Paul effect!! Good Article from the NEOCONS website!

This one is worth the read and will give EVERY Ron Paul supporter faith in what they believe...

WE WILL WIN!!! Just like Reagan Did...


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good line

Paul blends a unique mixture of cynicism over the health of the economy, loud opposition to the erosion of civil liberties, plus a stand as the only GOP candidate who's flat-out opposed to the war in Iraq.

A honest assessment from the Establishment...

The only thing he's wrong on...is the part where he says he doesn't believe he'll (RP) win...But I do agree with the comparrisson to Reagan in 1980...Reagan was not one of the establishment's candidates...he was the mavrick...he received much enthusiasm at college campuses!!

Ron Paul, with our help, is going to win!!!

Ron Paul is my HERO!!!
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which article? I don't want to search through all that drivel. Thanks man!

Plano TX

Which article are you

Which article are you referring to?

the one listed in the title

"The Ron Paul Factor"