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Organized Attack on Early Primary States

I feel that it is truly important to win at least 3 of the 6 states that have early primaries/caucases/conventions. New Hampshire seems pretty well organized with operationlivefreeordie.com. All NH's organizers need is the 1000 supporters and their plan to take effect. I haven't heard too much about any grassroots projects similar to this in Iowa, Nevada, South Carolina, Florida, or Michigan. I tend to feel that if we put in as much effort into these states as well, that we might pick up a few of these early states. I don't know too much about website development so I was wondering if anyone that would be interested in helping the campaign might help organize somthing like operationlivefreeordie.com by setting up a website. I live in the Midwest and fully intend on going to Iowa and Michigan during the weeks before their primary. Websites like this might help people like me get together and carpool, plan rallies in key cities, and just be better organized/prepared. If we win some of these early states (not just New Hampshire) our efforts will pay off on February 5th on Tsunami Tuesday; a day which will make or break this campaign.

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Exposure in Iowa

I spent the first part of the week in Mt Pleasant, Iowa on business. This is a town of 10-15k residents. Most of the decent paying jobs moved to Mexico in the last 2 years.One local company had nerve enough to import illegals,causing some discontent.I spent 3 days in our plant there wearing Ron Paul shirts and was asked often "Who Is Ron Paul" After passing out slimjims the next question was "Why haven't we heard of him" From there it was "I will vote for him" It seems that these smaller towns have been forgotten. At the request of some locals there, I will be sending lawn signs and bumper stickers at my expense to help with a good cause

This Is Fantastic!

People in the heartland are ripe for the message of freedom and common sense America First policies. I am not sure how to capitalize on the information you provided, but I'm sure there's a good way for a mass effort to really make some positive noise.

Something cool I found, the Ron Paul Repository:

What meetup has the list?

Wolfe..please just say the city. I know the Bradenton/ Sarasota groups would love to have it! We're all on the same team so please just say which group may have a list.

Re: Iowa

Should we try to oganize a group of us to run the Lepard ad in the DesMoines Register? Is there anyone from Iowa who knows how much it would cost to run the ad?

I am in Florida...

Can we put together a winning strategy? We have a month until the deadline for registration and I believe we need a big push since Florida is a closed primary and allot of Dr. Paul's support is coming from accross the board. I would like to see a success game plan from somebody who knows....

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Maybe spred the word to all of Florida to hit the Malls with t-shirts, copies of good articals that describe his stances espeacially national defence...and any pamphlets, pins.....just start the word, maybe a web page to all Floridians....for Dec. 16th. of course tell everyone to dress conservitive as not to scare the elderly away. And to behave in a polite manner to all who don't approve.

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That's happening in my area...

Tom. All the local malls will be covered by teams of RP supporters.

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Should ask to have a link or a post on the teaparty page....you'll need max. exposure for this.......

South Carolina Primary

Texas Liberty Lady

I agree that South Carolina is super important - since 1980, no candidate has won the Republican nomination for president without first winning South Carolina’s Republican Party primary.

Just a cursory overview of S.C. election laws:

1.Can candidate poll watchers be appointed to observe in the polling place - S.C. Yes if they are qualified voters of that precinct.
2 Can pollwatchers observe the count - the answer for S.C. APPEARS to be Yes

Training should be done so poll watchers know what to look for as far as fraud and irregularities for paper ballots and any electronic counting system.

So it looks like (again a cursory overview) that S.C. would be a good state to target.

S.C. Election Laws:
SECTION 7-13-860. Watchers; appointment, qualifications, identification, and conduct.

"Each candidate who is not unopposed in a primary and each nonpartisan candidate, including announced write-in candidates in a general or special election, may appoint a watcher for any voting place where his name appears on the ballot. ....Each watcher appointed hereunder must be a qualified voter in the county where he is to watch, and must be certified, in writing, to the managers of the voting precinct to which assigned. This certification must be signed by the primary or nonpartisan candidate or, in the case of watchers jointly representing all candidates of a political party, by an appropriate party official. Watchers must, at all times, wear visible identification specifying the candidate or party, as appropriate, which they represent. The identification badge of a poll watcher may not exceed four and one-fourth inches by four and one-fourth inches with individual letters on the badge not exceeding one-quarter inch in height or width. Badges may not be a color that has a fluorescent quality. After qualification, watchers must be placed in an area designated by the poll managers where the watchers can observe the entire election process at that polling place. No watcher may conduct himself in a manner that will interfere in the orderly conduct of the election or influence any voter in the casting of his ballot."

Texas Liberty Lady

Agree - I think the campaign

Agree - I think the campaign has given up in Iowa and is instead focusing on NH and NV. They will never say that but it’s just my gut.

We grass rooters should pick a state, my preference is SC, and work the hell out of it.

A win in an early state is worth 100 tea parties - let's help deliver one for Dr. Paul!!!!!!!!!!

I have a website and forum which will be ready Monday

It's called the RonPaulFreedomTrain.com and I have set it up specifically to help people with transportation and carpooling and planning events.

I would love some help with administration so if you would contact me I would be interested in talking to you or anyone else about it. I have also set up forums that people can make on their own and lock if so inclined.

I would really like this to be a totally volunteer site with RP volunteers administering their own forums etc. I don't intend to "moderate" it. People are free to talk at will but they may lock their own forums if the discussion is sensitive. I thought this would be nice for volunteers planning an event who don't necessarily want the opposition to know what they are doing.

I am looking for a few volunteers to take a couple of days next week and "test" the site before I release the feed on it. Would you or others be willing to help?

Michael Nystrom knows about the site and has agreed to link to it so I am in no way in competition with a great site like dailypaul.com

Let me know if any of you would want to be involved in helping with it. It is set up and ready to go but needs a couple days of testing and then helping to get the word out.


Texas Liberty Lady

high five! that is great!

high five! that is great!

That's Just Plain




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Florida here...

Talk to some of the meetup organizers here. They are ridiculously counter productive. I have finally become so frustrated I have exited the meetup organizations.

Without naming names, one has had the super voter list for over a month, and at least 20 volunteers ready to use it. What is he doing with it? Who knows because he sure won't use it or share it with other local meetup groups who also have volunteers standing by. I pushed, called, etc as well as other organizers and nothing!

Then you have another guy who would rather get attention at any cost and run for office himself.

So, here's a solution. Have the main campaign step in and tell them what to do. Oh wait, that was tried. Their response? "Well, we'll only do those aspects which we think are important." In some cases, they were OPENLY RUDE to the campaign consultant.

Now having said that, there is at least one excellent, qualified organizer down here BUT she hit sa roadblock anytime cooperation with these others is required.

So I will tell you right now, while I KNOW we COULD win Florida, it feels like the whole thing is sabotaged. The Republican Party is weak down here, Democrats don't have a voice in their own election because of sanctions by the DNC, so MANY who would otherwise not help us, will because it means getting two anti-war candidates in their mind. Many others from across the spectrum just support the platform and are willing to switch. So it is a perfect combination of things to really make it happen down here.

But it is being thrown away...

oh... And now? We are down to only having about 3 legitimate weeks for people to switch parties, and it's over the holidays. They just didn't get it. Honestly, I am livid. Everytime I think of the opportunities that have been lost down here, it drives me nuts...

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Don't be passive aggressive...

...Be aggressive.

If Meetup Organizers are actively (or through indifference, inaction, laziness, ego, etc.) undermining the campaign, you should talk to them about it. You've already done that. Now you should take action to have them removed.

This "these guys suck, but I won't name names" thing isn't the way to go. NAME NAMES. The Florida primary is fast approaching, and if someone isn't releasing key data and you've repeatedly asked for it, it's time that person is removed.

Protections for anonymous speech are vital to democratic discourse. Allowing dissenters to shield their identities frees them to express critical, minority views...Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. - SCotUS, 1995

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Believe me, I did all that was possible. However, attacking someone in public without them present to defend themselves is reprehensible and would serve no purpose.

I started a competing meetup group which became successful. But I cannot FORCE them to do anything. And believe me also that everyone knows how I feel about the issues who are involved in the situation.

If you think by me openly attacking someone in an open forum is productive, then we will just have to disagree.

And I have never been accused of being passive aggressive before, so thank you for that new one to add to my list... :)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Organizing for the primaries

Technically the meetup groups and the campaign should not even be talking. Otherwise the meetup groups are obligated to report every thing they collect to the campaign and then limitations on contributions apply. Maybe collectively they have found a way to get around this but it is touchy.

I don't know specifically about the Florida problems being discussed here but I got out of one meetup group (I am in Florida during the winter but am a Texas resident) because I got an e-mail saying the campaign had specifically directed that we "were not to carry signs" at an event, "not to organize anything" but we could "only hand out flyers". Most volunteers don't want to be organized by the campaign and legally shouldn't be (again, unless they have found some way to circumvent this). Nor should the campaign step in to "help". If I am not mistaken this is a trigger for reporting.

I know many of the south Florida people and many of them felt the same way I did when the above type e-mail was sent. We resented it. There are always two sides to every story - and here there are those who think the campaign should control and those of us who believe that the campaign should support.

However, I do believe that we are in big trouble from a ballot security standpoint and an organizational one. I had hoped on the site I created that ballot security organization would be something that could be discussed, organized and implemented. We are certainly going to need that as well as other organizational items such as getting delegates to conventions. This is really so simple and at least in Texas you just go to the precinct caucus and if you are in a democratic district it is much easier because there won't be but three or four people at the caucus.

Anyway, I hope we can all come up with a solution and I would love to be a part of it.

Thanks to all of you for what you are doing.

Ron Paul 200*!

Texas Liberty Lady

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When I said tell them what to do...

I didn't mean give orders, I mean tell them how to win. And I am not sure how they arranged the trainer but I know it was on the up and up.

As far as "orders" from the campaign like you mention, that is part of the problem here in Florida (not sure how much it happens elsewhere). Much of that is from ego-centric organizers trying to claim credibility of their own edicts by saying, "campaign told us".

The people who prefer to defer to the campaign on many things (like myself) do so because we acknowledge ignorance and therefore defer to people with more experience (the campaign). Those that prefer not to, think that they have the experience and knowledge and know how to win on their own (and some do, Lyman is an example).

On ballot security... I checked to be a poll volunteer and I guess I was selected because I received a followup notice, but I am not sure if there is yet another selection process. I doubt many people but Ron Paul supporters will volunteer for this. It's another self selecting poll that we can dominate. If 100% of us volunteer for poll work, and 5% of others do, well we will dominate the poll work...

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

You are right

you are right - and I do admit that as someone who has managed campaigns and headed up state and federal election organization, I am sometimes sceptical of what the campaign does.

I know that none of Ron's staff from Texas who has helped him get elected all this time is a part of the campaign staff. I also know that for whatever reasons Ron's staff are not experienced. That is not to say they are not nice people. But when you look at the experience and then look at the experience in the field by Ron's supporters, there is a great disparity. And even if there wasn't - this is not a traditional campaign with traditional supporters and most of us believe in decentralized management and that things are managed best by those in their own localities.. Again, no reflection on staff, just that we are a fiercely freedom loving bunch and very independent.

I appreciate your comments Wolf ,and am not trying to be contentious but I always look twice when someone gives me orders or tries to control what I do.

But again, we are all in this together and together we can make it happen. I appreciate your opinions just as I appreciate everyone else's opinions. (who is a Ron Paul supporter that is - ha!)

So anyone want to pursue South Carolina discussion?

Texas Liberty Lady

Texas Liberty Lady

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wolfe, have you notified anyone of this?

I sent Michael your post because I thought it was so important.

I know they have more than enough to think about, but can someone from the campaign, or at least someone with authority..talk to that Florida meetup group?

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Not sure what could be done.

I assumed that when the campaign consultant came down, that was the effort by the campaign to fix the problems. And since it is grassroots, the campaign can effectively be ignored by the organizers. And it was.

My solution was to start a new meetup group with the right perspective and the right direction. I did so, and handed it over to a person who is very capable of leading. It has grown and is a decent meetup group itself.

When both this new organizer and myself have attempted to work with this other organizer, he has stalled, ignored, put off, and made excuses.

This is the whole reason why the other day when those videos were posted on how to effectively win an election, I was overjoyed to see them and more than a little upset when they were taken down. Because to me, it felt like a tool which should have been shared through our groups at least... And as a last ditch effort, give us a way to work around local problem areas.

However, this is too public... Please message me and we can discuss further if you like...

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

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"Please message me and we can...

discuss further if you like..."

How do you do this...did you mean email? Tell me...I could post my address.

Wow, and YOU are amazingly motivated to have started a meetup group of your own. That's taking action and is quite impressive.

I have a few thoughts on these people who are stingy with info and who don't work together for the common good. Although I'm not talking about meetup groups, I've seen it first hand with other activist groups here in Los Angeles.

I missed the discussion on videos and how to win an election, unless you are talking about the Rob Reiner one on how to pitch a candidate, which I thought was very good. Enthusiasm is everything! As seen on PaulTV...(at least OUR substitute for TV)...


100% Conversion Rate Tactic - How Motivated R U??
Posted November 4th, 2007 by takeaction

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click on my name...

and then click on contact... that will bring up a form which let's you send a message to someone and effectively causes an e-mail address exchange.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

What part of florida

you close to miami? "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote."

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote."

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A little further north...

I haven't had much contact with the Miami group and so I can only hope that they are set up much better. I dunno.

I have heard stories from my folks about the groups in the midwest and honestly I am jealous of how dedicated and well run they are.

I would rather not say the specific counties, because I don't want to insult anyone. And the actual members are some of the hardest working supporters out there. A few in particular always come through without exception.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Where in Florida?

I'll be down here for another six months and need people for canvassing.

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I sent you a message...

Let me know when you need people.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Let's do it!

I am for the most massive canvassing ever done in Florida. I will think about how to accomplish this task a little more tonight. We can do this, we always rise to the occasion.

Canvassing, canvassing,

Canvassing, canvassing, canvassing.


Canvassing works well for meetup groups and instate residents, but I was thinking about the out of state residents. I don't have the time or money to travel down to Iowa every week for their once a week Saturday canvassing events. I was looking at the couple of weeks right before each primary date. Canvassing is a good thing to do on a continuous basis, but we still need the extra kick down the long stretch. Late rallies before each primary will get voters motivated to go and actually vote. Wanting a candidate to win and actually being motivated to go down and vote for that candidate are two completely different things. I think we will win if we have the most motivated voters. I don't know about you, but I usually don't get motivated to do something until right before/or the day of.