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Can we wear RP gear to work or is it against the Law?

I mean, on casual days of course. Or even in general, if you work in a casual environment.

I honestly don't know if you would get arrested or sued or called on the carpet or something.

This is one reason why we need Ron Paul for President - FREEDOM!

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Ron Paul Wear

Certainly it is not against the law unless you work for a government agency. It is up to your employer.

Generally, employers frown on their employees wearing clothing that advocates a particular candidate as this could alienate their customers. This is their right, since their business is their property.

If your employer is a dedicated Ron Paul supporter, he or she may agree with your choice to wear it. But other than government employees, there is no law involving wearing clothing advocating a particular candidate - at least, not yet.

I'm sure it depends on the company

I wear my Ron Paul hat to work every day. I work in manhattan in a semi formal environment.

I work at the main UPS

I work at the main UPS distribution hub in the United States here in KY. It's the biggest employer in my town. Here's what I do for Ron Paul:

- Every break room in Wing A (it's a big place) has Ron Paul slim jims or liberty cards laid on the tables.

- I wear my Ron Paul button

- Before work I'll stand outside the main guard shack and hand out hundreds of pieces of Ron Paul literature within minutes. The cool thing is, is that I never see them in the trash or on the ground when I go through the guard shack. However, it is not uncommon to see Union literature floating around everywhere.

- We have these big cardboard totes and from time to time I'll put a Ron Paul bumper sticker on them and send them through the system. I find this quite fun.

So when or whether I get in trouble, I simply don't care. It helps to be unionized, but still. It's for Liberty!

I asked my Boss if I could stamp the boxes with the Ron Paul stamp. He thought it was funny, but said I probably shouldn't even though he himself wouldn't care.

Anyway, I am tooting my own horn and I should stop. It's not illegal, but your employer might care. Do what you need to do.

Support and Defend the Constitution!

Depends where you work

I work in the mainstream media :-o so it is a major no-no. Some people know I support RP but I've decided it may be too dangerous for it to be too well known, even though my ex-e.p. had a picture of her and Bill Clinton behind her desk!

Could Be Dangerous

I read about a guy who was fired for having a Kerry/Edwards sticker on his car, because his boss loved Bush.

Not Against the Law

You can wear anything you want to work, as long as you aren't violating some kind of public decency statute. Depends on what your boss says too, of course.

Thanks Cameron Davis

Boss would not care on our casual Fridays - I'll order up some duds!

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *