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I "Called Out" Glenn Beck

My letter to GB:

Dear Glenn,

I applaud your obvious shift to a more Libertarian perspective and thank you sincerely for the thought-provoking dialogue you've sparked over the last few months. The message that our nation is one founded upon law and that the supreme law lies in our Constitution is one for which all Americans could stand to be reminded. Thank you for giving this message a loud voice.

However, many in the Ron Paul community are skeptical of your recent conversion and are suspicious of "band-wagoning", particularly in light of Mr. Murdoch's and NewsCorps' openly globalist agenda. Although presentation of "the message" in a mainstream media outlet is welcome, serious doubt exists to the sincerity of the messenger. Paul supporters are still stinging from your vitriolic criticisms of Dr. Paul throughout the Republican primaries. They have also not forgotten your hostility towards his supporters in general, referring to them as "dangerous crazies" and "whack-jobs". Although passionate and sometimes given to rambunctious behavior, I would contend that most Paul supporters represent the finest "stripe" of American. We're passionate to preserve the foundation of the greatest nation to ever exist.

It would be very welcome and, I believe, greatly appreciated if you would offer your sincere apology to Ron Paul and the rapidly growing movement to restore our Constitutional Republic. An open admission of having seen "the error of your earlier ways" and an explanation of the issues that caused your "wake-up" moment would be hailed as a genuine epiphany. The stock of your credibility would rise exponentially and I believe you might emerge as a leading voice for the restoration of Constitutional government. We've all had our individual moments of awakening. Many are anxious to hear about yours.

We await your positive response and look forward to welcoming you with open arms to "the Revolution".

Kind regards,

Gary Patridge

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Gary, nice letter, but why

Gary, nice letter, but why do so many people care about Glenn Beck?

This is politics people

Would you quit whining and not be so thin-skinned. Politicians and media-types don't issue apologies. They find other ways to do it. Beck's way is that he has Ron Paul and allies on all the time.

Some of you want to alienate everyone who does not bow and kiss Ron Paul's feet. Take what you get and stop worrying about the past. Focus on winning new people, which if you're smart enough to get your local C4L meetup involved in Beck's 912 project, then you're already on the right track.

I suspect that GB's

I suspect that GB's 'movement' was created to bring out " those who are wakeing up". The powers that be already have the names and numbers of those who are awake. I hope that this plan back fires on them, in that more people will help hold the Flag of freedom. I wish I had a link (it's still in my e-mail) to the real reason "our flag was still there". Maybe, some one could contact me by my info at this site and make arangements to post the National Anthem here, as no-one has heard it before. And the story behind it. It will bring you to tears.

I never watch him anyway,

I never watch him anyway, but it is possible he has actually had his eyes opened to the truth, and if so, he certainly wouldn't be the first to be disbelieving then later wake up. What I don't understand is why does it matter so much what he thinks?

It matters

for the same reason it matters what you and I think plus he has a louder voice.


The difference is he's an

The difference is he's an agent of deceit like O'Reilly and the rest.

Thank You

for taking the time to compose this letter.
It raises very reasonable questions in a manner which is assertive but not hostile.

I would welcome to hear Glenn's response to this.

In fact, I think a similar form of questioning could and should be made to the mainstream journalists who now acknowledge that Ron Paul was right in his predictions about the economic implosion.

In their case it seems to be the inverse problem. While Glenn Beck is taking up his ideas without acknowledging Ron Paul's pioneering efforts for the cause; the "Niel Cavuto's" are admitting the accuracy of his predictions without endorsing the economic principles that allowed him to make them.

Its time for these journalists to connect the dots for their viewers or admit that they are just trying to add to the "fog of war" surrounding these issues.

Natural Law and Natural Rights



The Virtual Conspiracy

Great letter. However, we

Great letter. However, we have to understand GB is a businessman. He is a good one at that. He has multi-million dollar deals with books, radio, etc. This doesn't make him a bad person. If we look at it from an advertising and marketing perspective, we see a shift in his business model. We all know that the extreme islamo-facism band wagon is getting full and everyone's on it. He's simply found the patriot movement as a way of separating himself from the pack and making a ton of money. As an Ad man and Art director I see this clearly. I feel he is genuine but when it comes down to it, he has no backbone. He hasn't sacrificed a thing for this movement. Actually he has gained more money and recognition. I say buyer beware!!

Hey Gary, Excellent

Hey Gary,

Excellent letter.

Thanks for writing.

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

Rupert and Beck

Are in this to generate $$$$ and 'ratings' for Faux Noise and nothing else. Beck's "we surround them" or "9/12 project" or whatever is just a front to stir us into 'action' so that Osama can declare Martial Law and burn the Constitution to the ground. What a hypocrite.

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947

SteveMT's picture

Gary: Excellent, honest, well written, heartfelt letter.

If Glenn has an agenda and if his recent apparent conversion is all for ratings, he will answer your letter in NeoCon jargonistic, euphemisms.
What is so despicable about all of these talk show personalities is that one cannot tell what they are REALLY thinking. They are likable, personable, very dynamic driven people. Like a wolf in sheep's clothing, they could be either! Do they practice what they preach or is what they say all a smoke screen of deception. Do they have a conscience? Do they have a soul? Are they just that, all TALK and no action off the microphone?

I ask one question which is crucial.

If someone felt strongly about the Constitution, freedom, and liberty, what would they be doing? Supporting people who feel the same way is my answer. For instance, offering his services and financial support for functions like the Campaign For Liberty. Has he?;..not that I know of.
I hope that is not the answer! And therein lies the conundrum with these people! If we were all financially independent, what would we be doing? I would say without question a lot more with the giving of our time, money, and clout to this driving cause for true freedom in America. What is he doing? I do not know.

The guy

works for FOX NEWS!! He is a FAKE!!


His message is still carrying the Ron Paul information to millions who otherwise wouldn't have heard it, for that you have to be grateful, as its waking all of them up to it and joining our side.

I'm afraid "controlled networks" have to be watched though for trying to dilute messages and associate RP followers with timothy mcveigh, etc. You know that will happen, this is the "News" which is all entertainment.

Well said brother...

Even if he doesn't read it, this is an excellent articulation of ideas and a great approach on dealing with him and other like him. Glenn may not agree with us on foreign policy, but he does agree with us on some things and is talking about alot of important issues that people need to hear about. Criticize his opinions if you wish as there are things to disagree with him on, but the name calling and the paranoia is a little much. Give it time, until we pass judgment and if he turns out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing so be it. Call him out and try and educate people on it.

I got ripped apart for bringing up a "conspiracy theory" the other day and was told this kind of talk is hurting the "movement" and maybe they are right, but I think name calling and hateful speech is far more damning. When are anger appears to be out of control we lose our validity.

The beliefs we hold are right and true and when articulated they are very difficult to argue with.

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."

-Alexis de Tocqueville

Double Post


An apology, wrapped in silk, topped with icing

from Glen is not going to cut it ever. This man is a tool and trying to lure the Ron Paul supporters to his way of being the people's person.

His latest stunt, trying to debunk the existence of FEMA camps, is proof he is a neo con and even if he is not, he is doing as his boss tells him.

Do not trust Beck, or make sure to cover your back.

use the enemy

as Johnny Rotten says

I'm tired of

the GB bashing, paranoia, are whatever it is. Why not just sit back and see how it plays out. Ron Paul goes on his show and GB treats him respectfully. Actually he seems to interrupt most guest alot but is all ears when Dr Paul speaks. Many where complaining he hadn't said anything more about the fema camps. Well he did today and said they are still investigating. They want to report responsibly with facts. That should have more by Monday. Even then I bet if he doen't insist he found absolute proof many of you will jump all over it. Do you have absolute proof? You can't expect him to have every topic and be in full agreement with all. Much of what is discussed on these forums are not proven facts and many of us don't agree on every topic or have proof positive on all of the theories discussed. Only strong opinions. We should tolerate that from each other and GB. He does not claim to know or be right on every issue
Only opinions.

Once again...

he works for FOX NEWS!! And about the Fema camps...yes, he is "investigating" them alright, he is getting Popular Mechanics to "investigate" them. If that doesn't tell you Beck is a fake, nothing will. Not to mention his continuous pounding of the illegal war drum and the spreading of hatred towards the Islamic world.

Beck Bomb

lets have a GB call in day when we flood his phone lines with RP people. And we can put him on the spot then.

What do you mean his "conversion"?

I don't see any conversion. When did he ever disagree with Dr. Paul over economic policy? When did he change his position over foreign policy? I see no conversion.

Do you realize that Beck was receiving death threats by the more kooky of Paul's supporters? He's never attacked Dr. Paul, but attacked the crazy paranoid supporters after receiving threats and insults. He has nothing to apologize for.

Contrary to your claims, I see no evidence of an "epiphany" nor has he presented the impression that he's had one.

Just leave the guy alone. These letters and phone calls coming from a paranoid perspective just backfires on us, and confirms what he thinks about us.


9/11 was "blowback," not an inside job. -Dr. Paul's position. The Federal Reserve is "a fourth branch of government," not private enterprise. - Dr. Paul's position. How about we start listening to him?

The Fed is not a private bank. PRIVATIZE THE FED!!!
"The Federal Reserve Banks should simply be regarded as governmental agencies." -Murray Rothbard
"I now call the Federal Reserve the fourth branch of government." -Ron Paul


Its best to ignore Beck since he's really just controlled opposition and has gotten thousands of letters like that one.

It has been said he promotes the idea that supporters are "Timothy McVeigh types" at least jokingly.

You can thank him for repeating the message and waking many new people up, but don't get distracted by him, it's the Ron Paul movement which actually carries that message & backs it.

Foreign Policy Change??

Yes...that's the one thing he disagreed with RP on was getting out of the Middle East. He was all about hyping how they all want to kill us.
I have been intrigued by the shift towards his "standing up for liberty" stance as well. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He's got people to look at the "5000 Year Leap" at least.

We don't know

if Glenn Beck ever received any death threats from Ron Paul supporters or not. Sure, that's what he claims, but he's never provided any evidence or proof.

Exactly. He has refined

Exactly. He has refined some positions and he has been drifting to a more non-interventionist foreign policy, but overall, he is still the same guy. Beck's life was threatened by Ron Paul supporters, but he never held that against Dr. Paul or the 99.9% of Ron Paul supporters who are not lunatics.

Glenn Beck does not owe anything to anyone.

Let's welcome people who are drifting to Ron Paul's point of view. Let's not lecture them.

Gary, not sure if you letter is going to be a success

Why? Well, Beck keeps on reiterating that he hasn't made a "conversion" in the last little while. He keeps on saying that he was "saying the same things" while Bush was in office.

I don't know if that is true, because I never watched his show that closely when Bush was in...

Glenn Beck gets a lot of letters from 'nuts' that he never reads

This is probably another one.

We should bombard calling in on his radio show and get him in a gotcha moment.

Say you're calling and agree with Beck and then twist things on him when you get him on the phone.

At least then you're actually confronting him.


Glenn Beck Supports NAFTA and taking your job:
Glen Beck -- RP Supporters are "Domestic Terrorists":


Glen Beck -- An Exposed Enemy:
Glenn Beck Supports NAFTA and taking your job:

Ya, calling into his radio show

would sure be interesting!

Well Done

Glen Beck was bad but Tim Russert was the worse. Ron Paul had so much momentum going into Meet the Press (Dec 16 money bomb) and Russert killed it with that interview. Its too late now and Ron Paul is too old to run in 2012. My favorite Ron Paul supporters were Jon Stauart, Leno,Colbert, Bill Mahyer(he came around late) and Rick Santelli http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvirM1goFq4. There were other supporters but I can't think of the them.