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Let's Get Over Nine Million for Thanksgiving Morning!!!!!!!!!!

We're almost there!!! Lets go ahead and knock this out before we eat our turkey. Everybody give 5, 10, or 15 dollars this morning. This is easy guys, and think how much more satisfying Thanksgiving dinner will be when you tell your family how we just raised over nine million this quarter!! Ron Paul. Be thankful this year that we at least have a candidate worth fighting for.

Todd Harrel

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Jump in everyone!

Ron Paul 2008, Join or Die!



You beat me to it!

Less than 5k to go! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Thank you for your generous donation of $100.00!

Contribution received!
Thank you very much for your donation to the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Your donation will allow us to expand and grow our campaign.

We depend on donors like you to help us spread the message of freedom, peace and prosperity through Ron Paul’s candidacy.

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Just gave 100 bucks. I just

Just gave 100 bucks. I just had to wait till the 11k IRS audit check cashed .