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1 question blitz for CNN/Youtube debate

In reference to this post http://dailypaul.com/node/8708,
let pick one question and then we call all ask the same question.

In the last debate, I remember they said a certain question was allowed to be asked because a group of people sent in that same question.

So guys, which one do we like most? I personally think it should be a money policy question to all the candidates. This is a topic Ron is strong on and the others isn't.

"The value of our dollar is at an all time low. As president would having this weak of a dollar concern you and if so what would you do to strengthen it?"

What do you guys think

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You are better off asking tough questions

Of the other candidates.

Ask about the patriot act, Ask about the economy, ask about the war.

But do it from their perspective, emphasize their bad policy - How much longer will we need to be fighting Islamofacists, Where do they think the next front will be in the war on terror, what is the emerging threat. How much more aid should we give to pakistan.

A yes or no question

If elected president, will you undo the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and, if passed, HR1955?

When should the war in Iraq be ended?

Only two candidates will say "now", and only one of them has the support to win.


When will you end the occupation of Iraq?

It doesn't look like a war to me...it looks like an occupation.

To the extent that there was a war (invasion), it was successfully accomplished pretty much when the sign read "Mission Accomplished"

I think..

I think it should be a question that some how reminds everyone watching the debate, that Ron Paul is the only true conservative in the race and that the other Republicans are all more liberals than conservatives. The question should be something, like:

"What happened to Conservatism, and how would you represent the ideals of Conservatism better than your opponents?"

If the question is on the economy, then how about this...

Do you agree with Fed Chairman Bernanke's recent statement that "The weak dollar isn't an issue for most americans unless you're buying imported items"? Would your administration be concerned about the weak dollar? If so, what would you do about it?

The video question could include the Bernanke clip.