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Coalition for Common Sense has good articles.

This site has a lot of good articles. Here is one where Rudy defends his law firm's defense of the makers of Oxycontin:


The key is..."When are we going to get SMART?"

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For the umpteenth time...

Please post more than a link. I mean, here you're posting a link to a link. C'mon.

Protections for anonymous speech are vital to democratic discourse. Allowing dissenters to shield their identities frees them to express critical, minority views...Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. - SCotUS, 1995

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Read the title...

There is nothing more to be said. You either want to read an article on that or not.

I post commentary when it is appropriate, in this case, the whole thing was summed up in a single line.

In addition, I used the digg link so that you could digg as well if you like it.

Thank you for your criticisms, however, if you don't like my post, move on. Post your own, heck, steal the link and write your own commentary on it.

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This is good.

McCain was jackpotted. Good RP - McCain comparison info. McCain had no reasonable argument. Same ole rhetoric.

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Which begs the question...

Do we have an endorsement from L.E.A.P. and if not, why not?

The Philosophy Of Liberty -


somebody call these peoples.

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I e-mailed them....

They have emails and phone numbers listed. And as always, we need to remain polite, respectful, and considerate if we choose to try to enlist their help.


The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I think LEAP might

Endanger their tax-status with any official endorsement. I just hope they keep an eye on the honest officer's job-advancement prospects, because I'm sure the bad guys want to scuttle them. ESPECIALLY the corrupt badguys in uniform, with something to lose when/if he is eventually higher in the leadership pecking-order...

Those who create a black market(legislators,lobbyist)

are the ones whome proffit from it.

That's Right

Legislators, lobbyist and their wealthy criminal financier’s make all the money.

Where, as Ron Paul has pointed out, poor and primarily inter-city Blacks and Hispanics take the blame and serve the time.

What a disgusting, Criminal Republic our government has become.

El Dorado


I also think it's a deliberate form of ethnic cleansing.

First you cut off young minority men from gainful employment
Then you make available the only viable means of making $$$ (LOTS of it)
That would of course, be the drug trade
Then you bust them and lock 'em up for 99 years
End of your pesky minority males
Oh and a great employment program for prison guards as a bonus!