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Would you help us show some love?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Our Fort Wayne meet-up group just rallied and were able to get the biggest RP sign displayed at our local Republican HQ. See the picture here.


Could I get some of you folks to leave a message/comment for Mitch, please? We are slowly getting Fort Wayne up and running. This is a big breakthrough for us.

Don't forget that we are having a Ron Paul rally next Saturday morning at BORDERS books in Fort Wayne. Glenn Beck will be there doing a book signing @ 8 AM. Nothing radical, just gonna show the guy that we are not terrorists and kooks. We plan on showing Glenn a little RP love.

Thanks everyone.

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how is your effort in Ft. Wayne going now?

Do you still need help?

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Gettin' goin'

We are getting more folks in our meet up group. The "biggest" sign in the window was a real moral booster.

Saturday morning at the Borders Bookstore will be a hoot! We will be welcoming Glenn Beck to his book signing at 8 AM. We're hoping for a big turnout from some Michigan and Ohio folks too.

I've got to hit the hay, it's just 6 hours till we all meetup. Thanks for asking, ProspectorSam.

PS. You guys can still drop the link above a comment in support of RP. I sense that Fort Wayne is big in the Mitt Romney camp. I thought the sign placement in the window was great!