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Hyperinflationary Preperation

Seriously imagining a hyperinflationary scenario would mean every aspect of my life would change. My electricity might cost too much to get on my computer, crude oil could sky rocket and become unaffordable, food would be as valuable as gold is now, etc. I'm willing to change my living habits within reason (ride a bicycle, plant a garden, eat less food). I'm trying to think of everything I will need to buy before hand.

Just last December I read a thread on here (http://www.dailypaul.com/node/76391) about preparing with freeze-dried foods. I had never even heard of FDF before (now I have 11 cases [6 bought from Ready Made Resources]). Besides food, I also recently bought a black pot and some alluminum foil to possibly cook with the sun. I also have a Berkey water filtration system. I have a hand gun (I need to buy more ammunition, and maybe another gun). I have about 100 ounces of silver and about 4 ounces of gold. I went nuts at Sam's Club and bought about a year's supplies of toiletries.

I will soon buy a bike, survival books, 1 or 2 cases of wine :), a solar power charger for my ipod, and more food. I was thinking about buying acoustic guitar strings and canning them with some oxygen absorbers. Would this prolong their life? I'd imagine oxygen is what rusts the strings over a period of time, but I don't know.

Am I missing anything? What else should I get? Keep in mind, I don't want to be bored (hence the music and wine) and I don't have a lot of money (about $500-1000 per month to set aside). Please help other DPers and me by giving suggestions.

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Learn to prepare, cook & preserve food

This is a quintessential skill which most have passed over in the last few generations
Cooking & preserving at home is the best way to save money,. not to mention an excellent set of activities for a family
I am trying to produce as many "how to" lessons on my site (below)
Remeber folks live within your means.
www.Umake.it - The online resource for the Hand Made Society

Hyperinflation In 1923 Germany Printed one BILLIUON mark stamps

andrew jackson
If you goggle or ebay German Stamps year 1923 you can download photo of a one BILLION german mark postage stamp , This is how Germany paid off its World War 1 debt reparations , by hyper inflation !!! There by giving rise to the fascist government . So dont worry , this is how we will pay off the budget in four years and have zero tax except for the rich as just punishment !! . Can a Techi upload a photo of this stamp. ???

In the 1980s a daily radio program by Howard ? Ruff called The Ruff Times
Talked daily on stratergies to fight / live with a zero money economy. He published books and news letters and would be out of copyrite for repulication or re syndicate him and his show . I hope an aggresive publisher looks him up .

Thank you , My First Time Post andrew and i hope i passed the audition

andrew jackson

An advanced first aid course.

They are offered by the Red Cross.



Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

You just wanted to do

mouth to mouth with strange men.



You need a light rifle

You need a light rifle preferable an AR15 it is like the IBM platform of rifles, Lots of parts being made by many manufactures that most any part will fit with any other except for a few inferior manufactures. Buy all the ammo you can it is getting scarce. Might want a shot gun and a 22 rifle.

AR15.com is a good place to start getting educated on rifles of all sorts.

Water is the most under prepared for item. Store as much as you can and set up some rain barrels. if you are on a well make sure you have pack up power and method to pump if no electricity.

Find like minded neighbors for mutual protection, feel them out just talking about preparedness first. if they are into preparedness or open to it. they may be good prospects for mutual protection.

Warning do not fully disclose all you have to anyone especially if they are not prepared.

Get Prepared!
Only dead fish go with the flow...

End The Fat
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Get Prepared!

I forgot about a first-aid

I forgot about a first-aid kit and medicines.

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Oh absolutely.

A mega survival pack including Water, Meat, other commodities.

And either a Taser rifle or Taser gun. I got mine and it works for over 200,000 volt shocks anywhere. Battery recharging kit.

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LED flashlight for $9.95, and a wind-up radio both at c.c. crane

and some prayer will not a bad thing at all. I hope that my similar preparations will be something to only look at and not have to ever depend on. Peace, but vigilance.